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Published on Mar 25, 2008

If you can flip a switch in your body that feels like adrenalin pulsing through your body and it causes your eyes to dilate then send me an email. I have read that this is called the galvanic response.

The cardio machines at the gym read my heart rate as high as 140 when I flip this internal adrenalin switch. And that's before I even start running. I sware that my heart is not beating that fast. It's is just that the machine is registering the electric output from the galvanic response that I'm putting out.

I've gotten responses from other people who say the same thing. I have read that dialating the pupils and heart rate are related through the cordination of the autonomic nervous system ANS, along with some other bodily functions that can happen voluntarily or involuntarily, such as breathing or going pee.

read this page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomi...

Then read this page.

These are the first 2 links when you google pineal gland!

Did you know that we have a third eye? It's called the pineal gland. It's part of the adrenal system. It is shaped like a pine cone. It sits in the center of your brain. It is full of rods and cones. As americans get older the pineal gland calcifies because of the floride in our tap water and toothpaste. It is seen easily in brain exrays.

In eastern philosophy it is the heart of the 6th chakra and denoted with a dot on the forhead.

When I had my aura picture taken with kerlian photography it turns my aura green.

Get back to me with any more ideas about our shared phenomimon please.

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Chris Thompson
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the quality of this video from 8 years ago?!?!
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I can do this too. I have been able to voluntarily generate this "feeling" (dont really know how to describe it) throughout my body since I was a kid. Just recently, I noticed my pupils dilate when I do it.
Bader Alazme
can you activate the sharingan ?
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omg ive been doing this for years, I thought it might be like voluntary seizures or something (it really does feel like adrenaline is coursing through you, almost to the point of muscle spasm). I just realized the pupil thing tonight while looking in the mirror and doing it and I FREAKED the fuck out. I looked fucking demonic or something. Wtf is this shit??
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Is dilating your pupils when you can make your vision blurry?
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I can easily do this, but sadly, people won't be able to see it because I have dark brown eyes.
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i just did some molly... my eyes wont go back to normal yet haha
Katelyn Stark
I can do this by just willing it. If I think about making them dilate, they do. I don't need to tense up or what have you.
Madeline Daniels
I do this all the time, i just never thought to watch my pupils. I give myself very small bursts of adrenaline from just creating a certain kind of tension in my body. Its really ard to explain to people who don't know though. I'm definitely going to watch my eyes now.
I can control it except when I use it my vision becomes flurry
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