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Published on Oct 28, 2010

re-load 2016
Who are these robot freaks that we call political leaders? They've proven to be incompetent, self serving and dysfunctional. Your vote only tells them you want more of the same, wise up..!
update: 2016 / U.S. politicians surrender to the one world government. The new world order is already here! They just haven't brought us "up to speed" yet. Who else blatantly practices Nazi type "round-ups", (Jade Helm) for their already built Auschwitz influenced FEMA camps, in plain sight, without any worries what so ever about what a real investigative journalist, in our so called "free press" could do..? Why, because our free press is gone, has been for some time. Sure there are some real hero's trying to get the truth out on-line, (Their powerful and revealing videos get maybe 80,000 to 200,000 views). This moronic vid here has THREE BILLION views, look at this piece of shit and you'll understand why we are ALREADY GONE, this is the type of thing that the majority of Americans care deeply about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp...

Whether it's a genuine natural disaster, or one they create, a national emergency is going to arise. No gas, no electricity, and most importantly no food distribution. It will take about 24 hours for all the supermarket shelves to go bare. Within two days people are killing one another for food.

Fema announces: A DIRECT ORDER FROM YOUR PRESIDENT: "Your government has carefully prepared for this disaster. However, we cannot distribute food to each and every home. Therefore, you must assemble at (designated area) our tucks will transport you to safe shelter, and food".

(When faced with the harsh reality of starving to death, or getting fed, the animal in us will go with the food every time)... ...nothing wrong with that, we're only human...

So off to the Fema camps we eagerly go. And that's when the fun really begins. Those weak minds that obsessed over video games, texting, American Idol and all such propaganda bull shit, simply fall apart at the seams. When faced with much more than any reality show they've ever seen, they become blubbering cowards.

Distant off spring of the brave souls that fought in Nam, Korea and wwII, today's spineless
jellyfish couldn't be counted on to "pop a grape", much less echo the courage of our founding fathers...

Once at the Fema camps those unable to text are eliminated, (a simple enough test). Only those who are skilled in all manner of technology are allowed to live. These are the prime candidates for the chip implant. In fact, they eagerly line up to get the implant, after all what's more important than being on the cutting edge with the latest iPhone, iPod, etc.
The chips microscopic fibers connect directly to the neurons in the brain. Now you can receive downloads direct from corporate. Through the ubiquitous cell towers you'll receive "directives" on everything that can possibly arise in the human psyche. The "Two Commandments" go unquestioned, you're "programed" to obey them.

#1) Nothing in your life is more important than your service to corporate. Paramount to your happiness is that you have been chosen to serve.

#2) All thoughts of God, love, personal relationships, and sexual behavior, have no place in your life.

(With all such thoughts eliminated through neuron neutralization from the chip implant, you totally embrace the gift to serve corporate, this is your only purpose for living). The first generation of organic robots, "orbots" is born, for a thousand years their type will serve..,

From the play, Viva la A copyright 2014 by Ray Benich and Charles Lind Pro. Wilmington Delaware USA
"A Great Country", (is about to die), song @ http://www.damnationofadamblessing.ne...

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