Gonna get caught-A Jemi story ep.1





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Published on Nov 3, 2009

Heres a story i made cause i was really bored. Heres the first its pretty lame though. oh and I DONT OWN ANYTHING! Make sure to comment and tell what you think. 1-5 comments

With the Nick,Kevin,and Demi.

Nick: Hey Dems? Hows it going with Cody?

Demi: I dont know but I wanna break up with him. Cause i think hes cheating on me.

Nick: What an idiot. How can he cheating on you? Who do you think hes cheating on you with?

Demi: (Thinking: Miley, but I cant tell him that) I dont know. Anyways, Hows it going with Miley?

Nick: awesome. I think I love her.*sighs dreamily*

Kevin: Love who?

Nick: Miley

Kevin: oh how great. *mumbles* eww I hate her.

Demi: *hears Kevin and giggles*

Kevin: *smiles*

Demi:*smiles back* anyways

Kevin: any new songs?

Nick and Demi: yup

Kevin: cool. Me to.

With the Gomezs

Joe: *strumming the guitar*

Selena:*playing the drums*

Mandy (there mom and random name): KIDS!

Joe and Selena: *stop playing* WHAT?

Mandy: I have some news. WERE MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!

Joe and Selena: WHAT??

GM: yeah. You heard me. Start packing were leaving tomorrow morning.

Joe: But bu-

GM: No BUTS! Start packing.

Selena: Mom!

GM: you guys will get to see Danielle again!

Selena: works for me.

Joe : whatever.

They start packing.

With Demi:

Demi: singing: I throw all of your stuff away Then I clear you out of my head I tear you out of my heart And ignore all your messages I tell everyone we are through Cause I'm so much better without you But it's just another pretty lie Cause I break down Everytime you come around O Oh O Oh So how did you get here
Under my skin? I swore that I'd never let you back in Should have known better Than trying to let you go
Cause here we go go go again Hard as I try I know I can't quit Something about you Is so addictive We're falling together You'd think that by now I'd know Cause here we go go go again

Phone rings.

D: Hey Nick!

N: *sad* hey

D: what wrong?

N: I broke up with Miley.

D: what? Why?

N: can you come over? Ill tell you if you come.

D: Ill be there in 5.

Hangs up. 5 minutes again.

Demi: *walks in the jonas house* (btw: there like brother and sister. Demis know Nick since she was born. The were born in the sam hospital and the same say but Nick is older.) Hey Guys!


Kevin: hey sis! *hugs her*

Demi: hey Bro! *hugs back*

Pull away

Demi: how are you Nick? *hugs him*

Nick: *pulls away* She cheated on me! With cody!

Demi: *pulls away* WHAT?

Nick: I have proof. *shows her a text from his phone* http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q2...

Demi: I KNEW IT!! Im sooo breaking up with him for good tomorrow! (its thursday )

Nick: wow, to think I loved her.

Demi: I know right.

Next morning Gomez's

Selena: Im gonna miss New Jersey.

Joe: me to.

Mandy: come on lets go.

Later that day its about 9:30

Mandy: Kids. Go to sleep you go to school tomorrow.

Joe: *sarcastic* Yippie!

Eric (random name there dad): Now Joseph!

Joe: ugg fine! Night *goes to his room*

Selena: *giggles* Night Mom, dad. Love you guys.

Parents: Love you to.

Next morining with Jonass

Nick: *wearing this* http://i857.photobucket.com/albums/ab...

Kevin: *wearing this* http://i724.photobucket.com/albums/ww...

Demi: *wearing this* http://i559.photobucket.com/albums/ss...

Kevin: lets go guys were gonna be late come on!

Nick and Demi; Coming!

With Joe and Selena

Joe: Sel! Get out of the car! *wearing this* http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae...

Selena: ugg fine! *wearing this*[IMG]http://i954.photobucket.com/albums/ae...[/IMG]

??: *taps his shoulder* Joe?

Joe: yeahh.. *turns around* Dani!

Danielle: Hey! *hugs him*

Joe: *hugs back*

Danielle: *pulls away and hugs sel* Hey Selly!

Selena: Hey!! *pulls away*

Joe: can you show us the office?

Danielle: Sure.

They got to the office and get there schdulles(haha i cant spell)

Now there by there lockers talking.

Joe: then I was like HEY thats MY COOKIE!!

Danielle and Selena: *burst out laughing*

Danielle: same old Joe.

What will happen next?
How will they meet?


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