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'21 Jump Street' Cameo Secrets Revealed (Spoiler Alert!)





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Published on Mar 20, 2012 - 21 Jump Street Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!

21 JumpStreet pulls out the big guns! For those of you who caught 21 jump street this past weekend---besides getting your laugh on, most likely you also experienced a moment of shock when Johnny Depp graced the screen!

That's right, JD, one of the biggest stars in the world, made jokes with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the reboot of 21 Jump street.

So how did depp get there anyway? Screenwriter Michael Bacall explained that star Jonah Hill, who was also a writer on the film, wanted to approach Johnny Depp early in the process and heard that the mega-star who got his start on the 80's FOX series might be interested in making an appearance in the film, but wanted to make sure his character "Tom Hanson" was given proper closure.

And while Depp's appearance in the film is fairly brief, the star made an immediate impact on set. Phil Lord the co director of the flick told Moviefone that " "Basically, on a movie set that we were supposed to be in charge, you realize how not in charge of anything you are. How crazy that can make a set. And then you realize instantly why someone like that is such a big movie star. He walks on set, there's no smoking on set. 'OK, no problem.' He's smoking. You're like, 'Of course!' That's what makes him awesome."

So despite Depps disregard for the smoking policies, everyone on the film agreed he was a great addition to the flick and awesome to work with. Lord said, . "Such a creative guy. Such a genuine person, great improviser. Game. Doesn't take himself so seriously. It was like, 'I understand why he makes a kajillion dollars.' He's awesome. Everything you would hope for in a movie star, he's it."

So what did you guys think of Depps cameo on 21 Jump street? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to keep it locked right here on clevver movies, your number one source for movie news!

Comments • 53

It was Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise, the original partners in the show, they both came back for cameos but you would think it was just Depp if you watched this
Ryan Petersen
this woman's run on sentences are unbearable. this whole video was like 1 long sentence
Ezekiel Dean
This was a terrible video. I learned nothing, since I already watched the movie. I wanted to know about all the cameos, but they just talked about Depp the whole time. I learned more from the comments 😡
Chase Frances
Johnny Depp, Peter Deluise and Holly Robinson, who all played officers in th original show had cameos for this. Near the beginning when they get given that car to drive to the highschool, Holly is officer Hoffs, the woman who shows them the different cars they can choose from in the parking lot, and Peter Deluise is officer Penhall, Tom Hanson's (Johnny Depps) partner. I'm not sure about Dustin Nguyen though, since I haven't watched all of the film.
Jonny Ainsy
+Chase Frances Dustin Nguyen is in 22 jump street at the end when they're showing all the new Jump Streets his is jump street generations :)
Bianca Rosner
Jonah Hill has the best ideas
Mark P
Yes, but the whole orginal cast exculding Nyguen made a cameo however Deluise didnt cameo his own character.
@skatertimmy14 ...nearly every actor from the original series (save for richard greico and dustin ngyuen) make cameos in the movie. however, the only other actor to score BIG in hollywood, besides depp, is greico...therefore, if you were born in the 90's, chances are you have no idea who anyone BUT depp is.
Bethany Munroe
hansons partner was Doug Penhall, played by Peter Deluise
David Recksiek
LMFAO! That's the best troll I've seen in about a month. hahahahaha!!
Haven't seen the movie yet, but something tells me this is nothing like the old TV series. Also, smoking in a non-smoking designated area does not make you awesome, it makes you a douche in my book, but they had a contract, and they wanted his appearance in the film, so it's not like they'll kick him out, and if no one else minds, and no equipment gets damaged, then I guess I'd let something like that slide too, but I wouldn't call it awesome.
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