VtMB - Ash Rivers In The Society of Leopold (Patch Only), Talking With Bach





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Published on Aug 23, 2009


(See description of the specifics for the video below.)

Greetings. This is a playthrough that is merely meant for fun, and for missions only. I will rarely show combat; I'm telling you this ahead of time so I don't get questions later. I will direct you to the video description if the question is asked.

And forgive the graphics when I'm feeding. My computer tends to be a jerk like that.

For this particular game, I am playing as a Tremere (my favorite.) I will try to do all missions possible, but keep it mind that I might have to skip some due to the clan restrictions and whatnot. I may also show loopholes in some quests that two different people give you, thereby giving you more EXP than if you did one.

As a side note, brief hiccups in dialogue or bad audio-syncing are a result of the program Im using. Hopefully this doesnt interfere that much with your video-watching. And a patch has been used to get rid of some of the flaws or things that made the game annoying to play. In the original, you couldnt even see the vampires fangs, and some dialogue had been left out. This game will show that dialogue, along with fangs. ;)

Without further ado, enjoy.


- For your own safety, don't jump out and try to fight everyone at once. You'll probably be killed.
- This is a nice place to pick up Steyr Aug and Braddock 9mms if you haven't already. They're plentiful.
- If you're playing with the patch, there will be female hunters here as well, carrying McLusky .50 Caliber pistols. There will also be one standing outside with a torch. I have no idea why they weren't included in the final release. Sexist?
- To get past the traps, use the small computers beside them, and use the 'heat sig' app, then type in "soc" for the password. I recommend just shutting them off all together, but it might attract attention. Sneaking around is the key.
- Also to note in the room with the key is a manula: Art of the Quick-Draw by Ned Nederlander.
- At the end of the hallway before you reach a row of church pews, there will be a door with red lazers protecting it. Use the small computer beside it, then go through the procedures you used to shut off the other traps. There is shotgun ammo in a box within.
- To progress, you have to take the door to your right as you enter (assuming you came in through the main door.) If you can't pick the lock, even through Blood Buff, you have to sneak upstairs and grab the key on the table. In the basement at the far end, there is a shelf with barrels. If your Inspection feat is high enough, you'll notice the typical blue sparkles emenating from a barrel on the lower shelf. Move it to reveal a passage.
- In the lower levels, you will find plenty of boxes with ammo, as well as small boxes of shells that you can shoot, causing explosions to aid you in killing hunters if you're discovered.
- There is an underwater tunnel in the room to you left when you reach a fork in the tunnel. This will lead you out into a lake with a speedboat (your objective later on in this mission.) You are able to bypass a lot of hunters by using this route. Note: The tunnel is somewhat hidden; check around the left side of the pool against the back wall.
- If you choose to kill all the hunters and are playing with the patch, you may encounter a key called "Ash's Cell Key". You may have also noticed Ash Rivers in a cell in the room with the pool with the underwater tunnel. If you couldn't pick it, you can open it with the key. Poor Ash...


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