Please Don't Leave Me - Ep 20 [Finale]





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Uploaded on Mar 11, 2010

Enjoy :D
Season Finale
Leah -- [giggles, gets a text, looks at it, sees its from Joe]

Nick -- who is it?

Leah -- um no one, its not important i got to go Nick [runs off, calls Joe]

Joe -- [answers] hello?

Leah -- um hey

Joe -- you got my text?

Leah -- yeah and for someone who doesnt plan it sounds perfect, thanks Joe

Joe -- well just make sure you get Nicks jersey to me the second you two get back

Leah -- okay. you know your being kinda nice

Joe -- yeah i dont know thats wrong with me

Leah -- see you tmrw Joe [hangs up]


Nick -- [goes over to his locker, opens it]

Jake -- [walks over] hey Nick

Nick -- hi

Jake -- are you okay? you seem distracted

Nick -- i think Leahs hiding something from me

Jake -- what would she hide?

Nick -- i dont know

Jake -- im sure she will tell you whatever is on her mind

Nick -- i hope so


[the crowds are cheering cuz Nicks team just won the game]

Leah -- [runs onto the field, hugs Nick]

Nick -- [picks her up, spins her around]

Leah -- [kisses him]

Nick -- [deepens it]

Leah -- [deepens it more, then pulls away] i love you

Nick -- i love you too [kisses her again]

Jake -- come on man, we have a party to go to [pulls Nick away from Leah]

Nick -- Leah ill meet you outside the school

Leah -- kay [walks to the outside of the school]

Alice -- that game was awesome!

Chelsea -- plus we won so it makes it even better

Alice -- hey Leah are you really giving Nick your virginity tonight?

Leah -- thats the plan

Chelsea -- you look really pale

Leah -- just a bit nervous thats all

Alice -- youll be fine

Chelsea -- yeah Nick loves you so much so im sure he will be nice to you

Leah -- [blushes] can we just talk about something else

Alice -- sure, as long as you give us all the details of tonight

Leah -- all the details?

Alice -- yup all of them...even the dirty ones

Leah -- Alice i dont think thats-----

Nick -- [walks over] ready to go Leah?

Leah -- um yeah

Nick -- [takes her hand, starts walking to his car]

Alice -- see you two at the party

Chelsea -- its going to be a crazy night


Leah -- [drinking some beer]

Joe -- [walks over to her] hi babe

Leah -- um hi

Joe -- i washed Nicks jersey and put it in his room on the bed, everything else is set too

Leah -- thanks Joe [walks away from him and over to Nick]

Nick -- [a bit drunk] hi baby [kisses her]

Leah -- dont drink anymore tonight okay Nick?

Nick -- why?

Leah -- i just want you to remember the night

Nick -- okay baby whatever you want [kisses her head]

Jake -- she has you on a short leash

Nick -- shut up man [takes Leah across the room, pushes her against the wall, kisses her]

Leah -- [deepens it]

Nick -- [deepens it more]

Leah -- [pulls away] its getting kinda crowded. Want to go upstairs?

Nick -- yeah sure

Leah -- just come up in a couple minutes

Nick -- okay

Leah -- [goes upstairs]

Nick -- [walks back over to Jake]

Jake -- wheres your girlfriend?

Nick -- she went upstairs..

Jake -- what?

Nick -- she said it was to crowded

Jake -- it is a bit crowded, so why arent you with Leah

Nick -- she said to come up in a couple minutes

Jake -- well then go, its been a couple minutes

Nick -- trying to get rid of me?

Jake -- no, just trying to make sure your girlfriend doesnt get found by another guy

Nick -- good point [runs upstairs, goes into his room] whoa

Leah -- [sitting on Nicks bed wearing nothing but Nicks football jersey]

Nick -- Leah-----

Leah -- come here

Nick -- [walks over to the bed] what are you doing?

Leah -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick -- [deepens it, then pulls away] i love you to, but i thot you werent ready

Leah -- im ready now [kisses him]

Nick -- [deepens it, lays her back on the bed]

Leah -- [wraps her arms around his neck, keeps kissing him]

Nick -- [pulls away] are you sure your ready?

Leah -- [nods, kisses him]
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