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Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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Pubblicato il 11 ott 2007 Video realised by Phil R.XP of REQUIEM ETERNAM about the real exorcism of Annelise Michel who inspired the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose. For more information about what is happened exactly all in my blog on myspace site or look others videos on Anneliese Michel on my channel for understand what's happened.
Real Exorcism Anneliese Michel Video

This is an extract of the actual exorcism of Anneliese Michel whose story inspired the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose. Anneliese was a Catholic girl from Germany who was possessed by six different demons. As a result she received treatment for presumed mental illness which merely made her troubles worse. Priests were then brought in to exorcise her but they were unable to permanently expel the demons. She died in 1976 as she was unable to swallow nourishment. Many people fail to understand what happened, and tend to put the blame on the priests and parents. Such cases are rare, for Anneliese accepted willingly to suffer as a sacrificial victim for the sins of German youth as well as of those clergy who were tending increasingly to scorn supernatural phenomena. She became a living testimony to the existence of demons and this branch of the spiritual world. Her possession wasn't the consequence of a pact with the devil or a punishment for her own sins, but was assumed to make reparation for the sins of others. It is called a possession by Divine permission. We can consider her as a martyr of the Faith. She is not the sole such case, as a Frenchman called Antoine Gay, born in 1790 at Lantenay, had suffered the same kind of possession and priests could do nothing for him. The fact that the present Church has accepted that her case was one of mental illness is not a surprising development, Catholic Church believes less and less in such phenomena at present.

I have studied many kinds of possession in different ways and i can say that this case was a genuine example of possession by Divine permission. But I invite you to study her life and then form your own judgement.
May God bless you!!!

Phil R.XP

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