He changed me, he made "Bhukshine"; Theodore





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Uploaded on Aug 19, 2011

When I was 14, I bought my first horse, Theodore (Teddy), he was 4 years old and 17hh. This horse changed my entire attitude about everything, he was so young himself, yet he was so set and determined to teach me that lesson. It's like he was put on this earth for that one purpose, and he never gave in until I realized what he had to teach me. I just still can't believe I was ever lucky enough to have found him, I am so lucky he came into my life, and he will be forever mine until the day he dies.

Teddy is a 17.1hh quarter horse x arabain x stock horse. He is now nearly 8 years old, and I am nearly 18 years old.

Teddy made "Bhukshine", he is the one who taught me to read a horse's emotions, to understand their 'language' and how to help them. Without Teddy, there would have never been Scotch, or Corajay, or Dee, or Midnight, or Iggy... All these horses truly have Teddy to thank, because without him I would know nothing.

The first few videos I uploaded on this account were of my first few rides on Teddy, now there's over 100 videos on here, featuring so many other horses and their journey to becoming better too. I'm nearly at 5000 subscribers, that is such an enormous number, I still can't believe it! Thank you everyone, all those who have followed Teddy right from the start and those who have only just started watching.

Everything he taught me is explained in this video, I'll put the text in this description as it can go by a bit fast.

I love you forever and always Teddy, you have changed everything about me.


"Tegan Rycroft. I swear down, someday I'm getting a flight from England, all the way to Australia, somewhere near you, to watch you work with a horse. It would actually make me the happiest person on earth, and that is no exaggeration. You are actually the most inspiring person I've seen, and with every video, it makes me respect you SO much more than I did each time before. So I'm saying this with all of my heart, I'm going to try and be so much more like you when I work with all the horses." -HevahhOx

Things weren't always this way.
Three years ago I bought my very first horse, Theodore.
I was 14 and he was a big, 4 year old, unbroken gelding.
With nobody to guide me, I broke him in myself.
But I was obsessive about perfection and winning back then.
So things started to go downhill.

The more he spooked the more I pushed.
The more he bucked the more I whipped.
The more he refused the more I forced.

He wasn't good enough. I wanted to sell him.
Little did I know that three years later we would turn into this...

I can't explain what made me change.
But I knew it was you.

The kindness in your eyes.
The warmth of your breath.
Your soft touch.

You were always consistent, I wasn't.
You knew I needed to be fixed before I could fix you.

You always looked at me like there was something more to say.
So I decided to listen...

You were so young, but your patience was endless.
I spent hours just watching you, learning how you worked.

You didn't understand jealousy.
You didn't understand hate.
You didn't understand perfection.
But you knew exactly who you were.

You are the finest, purest soul.

You changed the entire way my mind worked.
I started to see you as an individual, not a machine for performance.
You were yourself, why did I want to change that?

I started following whatever you did.
I took interest in the things you took interest in.
I noticed what you didn't like, and avoided it too.
I learnt the things you loved, and smothered you in them.

You rewarded me with your trust.
And the guarantee you'll always be there.
Which is more then I could ever ask of you.

You are my absolute favourite thing in this entire universe.
Because it was you who dedicated yourself into helping me find myself.

You are my best friend, the only one who really knows who I am.
I am forever in your gratitude.
And wish only to make this life as good for you as I possibly can.

When people ask me how I learnt these things, I can't explain it.
I can only hope you'll find a horse just like I found Theodore.

For a soul to be so pure and tarnish free, only mirrors the impurities in yourself.

It is with these you need to work, if you are ever able to free yourself.

And when you do find yourself, hopefully someday you can be the one teaching those broken horses how to be themselves again.

"There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." -Winston Churchill


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