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Genesis - Supper's Ready, Bataclan - Six Hours Live

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Pubblicato il 23 feb 2007

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A 10 minute version of an already edited Supper's Ready which appears on French TV in 1973, recorded live in Bataclan, France.
Available in excellent quality audio/video on Genesis - Six Hours Live, 1972-1980
Check out these CDs from my favorite Genesis era:

Trespass - 1970
Nursery Cryme - 1971
Foxtrot - 1972
Selling England By The Pound - 1973
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - 1974
A Trick Of The Tail - 1976
Wind & Wuthering - 1977

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    • SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND DVD Bataclan, France 1973
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    • Genesis

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