Compassion: You and Me (a song written just after 9-11)





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Published on May 23, 2011


You And Me
(Lazaras, Daug)
All rights reserved. Used with permission
(c) 2001 Nick Lazaras (SOCAN)
(c) 2001 Robbie Daug (SOCAN)

I see hunger all around.
Left-over wheat crops,
burn them to the ground.
It all comes down to making money, you see?
Who gives a damn 'bout you and me?
You and me.

I see fire, i smell smoke.
They're killing everybody in the name of God so easily it's a joke.
Until we learn to love together free, i'll tell ya - there'll be less space for you and me.
Less space for you and me.

I see clouds, i see rain.
I hear thunder in my ears again.
Send your donations. Heck, we'll make you believe
there's still a place for you and me.
Still a place for you and me.
Talking about you and me.

Tired of being a number, now.

You and me.
You and me.

I see eyes tearful with sincerity.
In this crazy world it's good to know i have you next to me.
I wish society'd just stop their greed -
there'd be a chance for you and me.
Only then would there be a chance for you and me.
For you and me.
Talking about you and me.
For you and me.

Performing Credits:
Lead and backing vocals: Nick Lazaras
Acoustic guitars, MIDI strings, horns, tympani, triangle, tubular bells, Roland R-5 drum and bass programming, slide show, mixing, engineering, producer: Robbie Daug. I take all the blame.
All images for this slide show were taken from the web.

NOTES on this song:
This unfinished song was originally written and recorded in October 2001 in response to the 911 attacks, the song was lost for 10 years on a crashed computer hard drive, and later, found, copied and uploaded to youtube, in May of 2011.
We find the meaning of the song and its images to be very relative to the situation happening today.

I wrote this song after just after watching the 911 attacks on TV, ten years ago. I asked my friend, Nick, to help out with lyrics and to sing it.
Watching the 911 coverage made me feel vulnerable at the time.
We agreed that the lyrics should be based on greed and the consequences of it.
We wrote the lyrics about how, hunger and poverty prevails, harvested wheat crops are burned instead of feeding the very poor, how the Vatican and "big business" are more concerned about profits than about people. The lyrics nod at the 911 attacks, affects of climate change, religious false prophets, and how we've all become numbered, one way or another, in order to be controlled by the elite.
Most importantly, it's a song about love for humanity and shows the cock-eyed manner of how our society is structured - how some starve and others have billions of dollars on "stand by".
It also hopefully wishes for change.

This only version of the song was lost. My PC crashed in 2001 and we had thought this recording which was on that hard drive was lost forever. I kept the old hard drive anyway until one day, i asked a PC technician, "Could this hard drive be checked for data?"
To which he said, "Yes."
I, then, rediscovered the song in its rough, unfinished mix.
So, ten years after we wrote the song, we finally get to publish it on youtube, still unfinished.
The bass and drums were not finished ideas, they were still in the creation process. This was really just a rough mix to hear how it all sounded.
Better than nothing, i suppose, when you consider that we had thought it was lost forever.

We hope you enjoy it.


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