Owen Campbell Returns - Australia's Got Talent 2012 audition 4 [FULL]





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Published on Apr 23, 2012

(Act Starts at 2:16). Watch Semi final https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL3i0... Angry Busker Owen Campbell is back Hostile Owen says sorry apologises to The judges Brian McFadden he sings "Remember To Breathe" on AGT Australia's Got Talent 2012 Auditions Night 4 Week 2. Copyright © 2012 Seven Network Australia

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Joseph Johnson
The poor guy was just trying to have fun, and when it didn't go how he intended he apologized profusely and left feeling sick with guilt. It's not his fault the damn judges are too self-important to take a joke or realize it's not about them
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Joseph Johnson Kyle Sandilands or whatever his name is has zero talent except for being a prick, and Danny is a hasbeen from the 80's and the Irish prick all he can do is sing, talentless panel of judges!
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Joseph Johnson
"Now that you've sufficiently kissed my ass and sucked me off, you can have a yes" - Brian McFaggen
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Nepsin Feila
so the cunt on the left who told him not to interrult him is gonna intereupt him while apologizing? fuck off.
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Juan Pablo Vilchis
Nike Kramer
Turns out that judge is the one with attitude
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I fucking love this guy, but this audition was completely unnecessary. If the judges had just kept their egos in check in the first place, they would've put him through in his first audition.
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Fuhq Ewe
No, we all wouldn't of. Especially us seasoned adults who have been in positions of power. When it's new to you, you tend to be pretty protective of it - due to the constant waves of bullshit admiration and respect you get directly, you become too accustomed to it - and begin to silently demand and expect it. When someone doesn't swing along and kiss your ass, your ego enters into a nasty defensive mode. Re-watch the first audition and tell me the fuck face boyband judge wasn't taking jabs. He certainly was. The judges were way out of line, allowing their egos to flap their lips because a confident man asserted a position of pride and comfort in his own skin.
Siddharth paul
i dont know whats wrong with all the people , you all guys would have done the same as the judges did . Look at his attitudde ! People acting stupid absolutely stupid
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Brian McHugh
They don't want Talent. They want Puppets!
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Nathan Payne
Brian McHugh Seriously, fuck this show and its self-righteous fuck up judges.
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Drac Jin
Welcome to Australia's got cunts. three of them, in fact. better lick em right cuz your talent doesn't matter.
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I dont even know who any of the judges are yet they still talk down to him.
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Apologies for the late reply, but I love peri peri chicken - that is all.
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Stephen Mcneil
And it was rude as fuck of the judge on the left when owen was trying to apologize he just cut him off and said "dont talk just play. Talking is what got you in this position why youre back here" hes a fuckin douche
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Tristan Radeka
I love how the fucking bitch on the left told him not to interrupt the week before and then interrupts when he's trying to apologize. Celebrities are the most self-absorbed assholes
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Uku Tonsiver
Dont stereotype celebrities but yeah this guy was a dick
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Bill Barnes
The judges FUCKED UP and were told to fix it or they got the boot. Judges are talentless hacks.
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Jayy Stepp
judges are talentless hacks? Most were in the same position as the artists performing.
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