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Published on Mar 24, 2010

Source of Original List : The intelligence of dogs by Stanley Coren (New York , The Free Press , 1994 )Source of descriptions :petmedsonline.org.And Some pictures and information from google and wikipedia.

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Too many people mistake "easily trainable" with "smart".  Labradors and golden retrievers are so popular because they mindlessly follow orders.  Most of them are poorly bred and have the IQ of a bag of hammers. Some of the smartest dogs are fiercely independent and difficult to train.  The working and guarding breeds that were specifically bred to act on their own are the smartest.  They are slow to listen because they are weighing their options and deciding if it's worth doing what you tell them too ;)
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I know right
Matthew Raiche
+Kayla Stovall The first line of the root comment is erroneous. "Easy to train" means the same as "smart" because "smart" or "intelligence" means "capacity to learn." Dogs that respond to training are, by definition, smart. Exceptionally smart dogs, like the female golden retriever that babysat me while my dad mowed the lawn and the border collie that my parents recently, and sadly, had to put down because of his age, will show skills beyond their training. The bottom line is that intelligent dogs respond to training.
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Bruce Forster
I got the best of both worlds! I have a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He is INCREDIBLY smart. One day, four years ago, he started nuzzling my hand and wrist when I was sitting in my living room. He would not stop. Thinking he was simply asking to go outside, I stood up. At that instant the room started spinning, and down to the floor I went. When I got my senses back, I went to the Bathroom and got my Diabetes Testing kit-MY SUGAR WAS 57! It's a MIRACLE I didn't pass out & die right then. I chowed down a Glucose Tablet and regained my strength very quickly-My DOG alerted to my low Blood Sugar and LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE! Now, two or three times a year, he'll come to me when I'm either sitting or in bed, and engage in this behavior. I have checked my Sugar every time he does this, and EVERY time he has been RIGHT! He has never been trained for this-he just does it naturally. Do Ya think I love my Dog?!
John Gallagher
Bruce Forster
I love blue heelers
Carlos Hernandez
what about aussies
This list is to bias towards your opinion. I mean honestly German Shepherds are super smart! I mean there's a reason a majority of countries use them in their military. Also you don't have Siberian huskies on there. I mean they are basically the only dog you can teach to pull a sled and let's not even mention how amazing they are at being escape artists. Idk to me the smartest dogs should be the ones that can actually save people's lives and not just fetch a dead bird.
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Kaylea Gray
Finally someone is making sense! My dad breeds and raises wolves and dogs, my favourite dog of ours is an Alaskan Husky named Houdini. Because like you said, they are escape artists.
+Tristan Seymour The list actually comes from a survey of obedience judges, not the opinion of the person who made the video. And German Shepherds are #3, that's pretty dang good! Huskies rank low on the list because it is an obedience list, but they have high adaptive and instinctive intelligence.
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Korra The Husky
husky is a smart dog,too u silly.You don't know?
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+huskygaming360 claps labs have the capacity for knowing 1000 commands and border collies know 10x more than the lab. Older doesn't always mean smarter.
Korra The Husky
my husky knows some tricks,too
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Rosario Carbonaro
Dooed.. Where is the jack Russell or the bull terrier or the pitbull..because pit bulls are smarter than rottweilers..for sure
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+Rosario Carbonaro Jack Russels are actually below average I believe and Pitbulls are only considered of average intelligence. On average they don't compare to any breed in the top 10, including the Rottweiler.
+Rosario Carbonaro Thank you. I own a Border Collie. In some ways he is smarter than me. He is definitely more altruistic.  
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michal kozak
1.german shepherd 2.husky
Ajzoo10 AJ1
....what about Border Collie? I think that you think it goes in 10th. right? :(
Mike Turner
I agree with you..but Siberian husky 1st ..German Shepherd 2nd ..poodle 3..Yup !!!
Elie Sombeck
Um...Australian Shepherd...? They are less excitable than Border collies and less willful than Australian Cattle Dogs but just as smart as those two breeds.
Not the border collie
Isabella Matei
Kat B
where's the aussie tho
Izzy Belle
The Auzzie is in number 10 the cattle dog I've got one and he can shake hands listen to commands and knows how to roll ove so extremely smart
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