Diablo 3 [PC] - How to kill The Siegebreacker on Inferno Solo as a DH post patch 1.03 HD[1080p]





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Published on Jul 4, 2012

I thought I give you my insight and strategy on how to deal with the Siegebreacker Assault Beast on Inferno difficulty by using the Demon Hunter.

There are at least 5 key elements you should keep in mind when encountering him.

1. He is using reflect damage which means every hit you deal to him will causes damage to you, you can easily bypass this by using a 900+ LoH (life on hit) weapon, can be easily obtained around 200k in the AH. The LoH weapon will heal you on hit so his reflect damage gets cancelled out. make sure its a 800-900 dps weapon and has a free socket so you can input an emerald into it which will cause additional critical damage.

2. DON'T destroy the pillars around the area because the Siegbreacker cant destroy them and you can actually lead him into them making him full stop when he is using his charge attack. Also when he is behind the pillar don't attack him because you can risk destroying the pillar, wait till he comes around and once he stomps on the floor blast him with knives.

3. Try to conserve discipline and use calltrops with jagged spikes to make him stop in his track and drain his health gradually. Use preparation with backup plan to replenish your discipline ! You will need all the discipline you get to lay calltrops behind and to make a fast getaway if he approaches too close by using vault. Preparation with backup plan is your best friend !

4. Try to setup your gear around Dexterity and critical damage/chance, also use knifes for hard damage and conserve discipline. Get your overall DPS around 50-60k and you should kill him before he enters enrage ;)

5. Last but not least take in mind that you can't run away from him forever because he will enter enrage after some time so you should deal fast and hard damage to him as often as he stomps on the ground or gets caught up in the pillars. Get rid of Smoke Screen you won't need it in this fight because his moves are very easy predictable and you could also avoid them by just running up and down after his third stomp on the floor.

And this is how it works:

As soon as the fight starts spam all your knifes into him and run to the south leaving calltrops behind, try to make him follow you most of the time but don't let him too close or he will kill you in one hit or grab you.

Run around and try to learn his pattern, he is actually pretty easy once you know his attacks and pattern, just stay away from him and knife him to death from a distance, also if he gets too close use vault to get away.

Kite him around the room laying calltrops behind and once he starts stomping three times spam all knifes into him and get out of his path to avoid his charge attack.

If you have high DPS and a decent LoH weapon this fight should be easy !

These are the stats I used to beat him:

Strenght: 501
Dexterity: 1411
Inteligence: 347
Vitality: 353
Armor: 3692
Damage: 54k
Health: 13k
Critical Hit Chance: 100.00%
Critical Hit Damage: +212.00%

Skill Setup:

Primary: Hungering Arrow/Spray of Teeth
Secondary: Impale/Grievous Wounds
Deffensive: Caltrops/Jagged Spikes
Hunting: Vault/Tumble
Hunting: Preparation/Backup Plan
Hunting: Companin/Bat Companion

Passive Skills:

Steady Aim

Good Luck !


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