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Published on Jun 13, 2010

Un show intitulat : " The Atheist Experience ", difuzat in Austin, Texas, de Comunitatea ateista din Austin ( ACA ). Se difuzeaza live in fiecare Duminica in jurul orei 24:00, ora Romaniei, pe : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-ath...

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Torturing even ONE person infinitely is infinitely more evil than a billion holocausts. That's just the nature of infinities. Why can't Christians ever understand that?
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"Hey, it's god, let me in" "No" "Let me in man, i wanna save you" "Save me from what?" "From what i'll do to you if you don't let me the fuck in".
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She was desperately avoiding that question. The fact is, she doesn't think it's moral to torture someone in hell for eternity, but she's afraid to disagree and upset the cosmic mafia boss.
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Considering the claims that "god is mysterious" and "man cannot comprehend the ways of god" . . . it sure is annoying to hear almost every christian babbling on and on about the detailed specifics of god's every thought and desire.  It's such a steaming load of horse shit.  Pure, fanciful, wishful thinking horse shit.
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The caller was a perfect example of how Cognitive dissonance affects the mind of a believer. Secretly, she knows that there is no justification for her god creating us, then condemning us to eternal punishment for how we think, much less for how we behave. Look at all the gymnastics she went thru in denying that god was responsible for anything! She couldn't even admit that god was responsible for sending us to Hell, when it was he who created and enforces the rules of the game, according to scripture. She knows she was wrong, hence the, "I'll pray for you" at the end of her rant. She knew she was losing the argument, rationally, that's why she was getting nervous towards the end and wanted to get off the line. The question is, will she ultimately have the integrity, honor, and fortitude to win the battle that's now going on inside her mind?
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Dickie Fry
Christians were thrown to the lions, why did that stop?
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There are 7 billion people on this planet and only 2 billion of them are Christians. More wood for the fire please!
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Marco Schaub
The concept of hell is very strong in the beliefs of American Christians. I could be wrong, but I think in Europe, most Christians - and that includes clergy members - don't believe a hell even exists. Why should it? It's in direct contradiction to the benevolence of god. God supposedly loves us, but if we don't love him back, he's going to torture us forever. What kind of morally superior being would act like a jealous lunatic?
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why do I keep going back over and over to these videos???, is like I want to get angry by hearing such dumb people make baseless argument based on their imaginary friends!!!!?!?!?!?!
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Mee Eee
Atheists don't choose to "not believe in God" they choose to live in reality. Therefore God chooses to send the critical thinkers of our world to hell, just because he refuses to be real. Or....God is real only in the delusional minds of his followers, who also happen to be those that lack critical thinking skills. Religion is a virus that infects the minds of the ignorant, but there is a cure, knowledge.
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