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Published on Sep 18, 2012

This is, without a doubt, the single, most longest video I have ever uploaded on YouTube. It probably would've taken 10 times as long to process if I rendered it into HD in Sony Vegas.

I was planning this for a long time after I finished my 2-in-1 TAS-like playthrough of Gunstar Heroes. This video is longer than the rest of my videos for this game combined! I'm not even sure if I could actually pull this off without running into any insane screwups during both of the types of recording I had to do.


Here's how it goes:

On Stage 6, when Gunstars Red and/or Blue get to travel through space, not too long after this stage starts, they once again run into Timeron from the 4th stage, the one with Black's board game in it.

You can simply just destroy this machine to continue through the game, OR you can challenge yourself to last 100 INGAME MINUTES against this thing. Its clock actually ticks slightly faster than a real life clock. So this only ends in a few minutes BEFORE one-and-a-half real life hours.


Different things occur at different times. I'm listing what they are and when they appear in both the game and during the video, since they aren't exact.

Ingame Time / YouTube Time --- Follow that key to the left carefully.

- 0:00 - 0:10 / 0:10 - 0:18: Timeron shoots fire balls at you directly.

- 0:10 - 0:59 / 0:19 - 0:59: Fireballs are launched from different directions.

- 1:00 - 12:00 / 1:00 - 10:09: Fireballs increase in quantity.

- 12:00 - 22:00 / 10:10 - 18:29: Fireballs in groups of 3 start getting launched.

- In every 20 ingame minutes, Timeron launches a slow-moving drone at you. Avoid this drone at all costs, because it can instantly kill each player just by being touched by it. It will explode in a little over 2 minutes after it's released.

- 22:00 - 30:00 / 18:30 - 25:14: Fireballs in groups of 5 start getting launched.

- 30:00 - 37:00 / 25:14 - 31:04: The 5-shot fireballs disappear while the single-shot & triple-shot ones return together, along with a double-shot.

- 37:00 - 45:00 / 31:04 - 37:44: All fireball shots are single again, and they concentrate on flying at you more than usual.

- 45:00 - 50:00 / 37:44 - 41:56: 5-shot fireballs return.

- 50:00 - 60:00 / 41:56 - 50:16: 1-shot fireballs return, and are now accompanied by larger blue orbs that ricochet off sides of the screen.

- 60:00 - 64:00 / 50:16 - 53:36: Besides the 3rd drone, the rebounding orbs become the only projectiles on the screen as they increase in quantity.

- 64:00 - 70:00 / 53:36 - 58:42: The orbs disappear and the fireballs return in shots of 1, 2, & 5.

- 70:00 - 75:00/ 58:42 - 01:02:55: Fireballs only shoot in shots of 5.

- 75:00 - 80:00 / 01:02:55 - 01:07:05: 1-shot fireballs return as the only projectile.

- 80:00 - 90:00 / 01:07:05 - 01:15:25: Besides the 4th & final drone, the rebounding orbs return as the only projectile.

- 90:00 - 100:00 / 01:15:25 - 01:23:51: The orbs disappear, and the fireballs return in shots of mostly 5.

- 100:00 / 01:23:51: Timeron finally explodes to GIVE UP!! You must watch where you are, however, as a sneaky 5th drone will only quickly appear for one true last time before the challenge ending overwrites it away.


The following messages are then shown:



Satori & Nami must be the names of the people that specifically worked on this Easter Egg.

Afterwards, you are given a Soul Bonus of exactly 930410 points... and then continue through the stage as if nothing happened.

If 2 Players are going through this challenge, whoever's using the satellite gun can move around to destroy any of the projectiles except for the drones.

Damage is only taken by whoever's controlling the ship, and if that player dies, whoever used the satellite gun now becomes the new ship pilot who also must command the satellite gun.

You can actually just sit in a corner and just sweep away at the projectiles like I've done a lot, here. Its easier against the blue orbs since they're not specifically trying to fly at you.


So... Yeah. That's all there is to it. Preferably only go through this if you want to challenge yourself or have bragging rights towards completing it. Or if you really want an insanely high score.

Just be careful. It's much more difficult than I made it, and you could end up spending several hours on this if you're that determined, but not that good. Remember that it SHOULD be easier with 2 players instead of one.

I, for one, have spent several hours just to record this on Gens, record it as an AVI file, then use Sony Vegas to merge & process this video into an mp4 to upload on YouTube.

Now I extremely doubt that I'll upload anything longer than this, and for now, this is the very last video that I'm uploading for Gunstar Heroes.

So once again, thanks for watching!

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