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During the month of January 2011, ARP Wave will choose 5 people and give them each free treatments at their offices in Apple Valley, MN and Burnsville, MN. These free treatments will occur during February 2011. Please click here to Sign Up if you want to participate: http://www.healthawarenesstv.com/sign...

You can also reach ARP Wave at their Apple Valley Office here: (952) 431-9708

Excerpt #1 at 3:05
Tina: So, just to follow up: How would they be selected?

Denis: The first thing that we would do is, we would make sure that there's no contraindications. So, we would make sure that they're not pregnant, and that they don't have a pacemaker, and that they don't have a defibrillator. They have pain above a 5. If you don't have pain above a 5, it's really not causing you a tremendous amount of discomfort in your life. They have a restricted range of motion. They could be anything. They could be a patient that has been told that they need surgery. They could be a patient who's already come out of surgery, and has had nightmares getting back to their lifestyle, and have been told that it's going to be 6 to 9 months, when in reality, we can get them back in 4 and a half to 5 weeks. So there's a big difference between 9 months and 5 weeks. I think I would choose 5 weeks. Could be a patient with multiple sclerosis, that they're locked into a wheelchair and their legs are rigid. They have tremors. It could be a stroke victim. It could be a spinal cord injury patient. It could be someone with plantar fasciitis. It could be someone with carpal tunnel. It could be someone with migraine headaches. Any of those types of people, are people whose lives have been dramatically changed because of those conditions. We want to be able to show them that we can change that. We want to change their quality of life. We want to make-over their quality of life.

Tina: And give them back a good life, and their loved ones as well.

Denis: Everyone out there should be able to move freely without pain, no matter what age you are. That is a hard pill for most people to swallow because they've been told all their lives, since they've had this issue come up, that they've had to restrict their lifestyle, that they're going to have to take medications, that they have to do this, that they have to do that. Trust me folks, there is another way of doing it.

Tina: Yeah. And for free...

Denis: And for free, what do you have to lose? Plus! You can get 15 minutes of fame.

Excerpt #2 at 6:47

Tina: So you're providing this for free for the person that's selected, so if you're not selected, the cost is normally around $2600, correct?

Denis: Correct. And I think it's very important to take cost completely out of the equation. If that's an issue for somebody, then we have to look at it in a couple of different ways. If they've been told that they need a brand-new knee, that surgery is about $30,000 to $40,000. If their insurance covers 80% of it, they're going to pay 20% of that. So if you take 20% of $40,000, that's $8,000 coming out of their pocket. That's excluding their deductible, that's excluding all of the co-pays, that's excluding the therapy, that's just for the surgery. So I say to people "Look, if $2600 doesn't fit into your budget, forget it! Let's change your quality of life. If you've got a checking account or a credit card, you qualify for extended payments, no interest. We'll make it affordable. And it's 100% tax deductible. So don't let money stand in the way. Let us change your quality of life for you.

Tina: Yes. That would be so great, for not only that one person, but also their loved ones, and their family around them.

Denis: Absolutely! It affects everyone.

Excerpt #3 at 10:31

Tina: Knowledge Is Power! And that's what it's all about, getting this out to the viewers. And like you said; it's so outside the box that they don't even have an explanation for the insurance.

Denis: No! No, and I mean everybody that's listening to us right now, who has any type of pain issue, truly believes that they are going to have to live with that for the rest of their lives. I'm here to tell you that's not the case!

Tina: And (you can help) people outside of the State (of Minnesota). You do Skype and you...

Denis: Yeah! Whether you get selected for the show or not, we can certainly treat you. And we're so convinced we can help you, if you live outside of the viewing audience, what we can do is, we'll send you a $15,000 piece of medical equipment, we'll send you a webcam, we'll treat you at absolutely no cost or obligation, one time only, in your house, to prove to you, and whoever else wants to view it, that we can help you. At the end of us demonstrating we can help you, you go into our treatment program and do not let money stand in the way. Part 2 of 2 Parts.



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