21.12.2012 - Phys - New Beginning - ( German Rap ) Neuanfang ? ****





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Published on Oct 1, 2010


Artist: Phys
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new world is coming. /watch?v=zDGEzVweE3U
English Lyrics:

no, no, i dont think so (voice far away)
Be quiet, you dont know anything about 2012. You think its only bullshit and only waste. Ask the Mayans with the Star-Sensitiv, they know the Planets without a Telescop.Thats why it was very amazing 4 me because actually i dont believe on things that anybody is telling me.But evidence on evidence keeps me thinking about it.Also the science told 2012 is no Joke.

Refrain: many say,many syntheses.what will live be?!.what will there be such?!
many say, many syntheses.what will happen 2 us?! What we will see?! 2x

Im not talking about a doomsday.I've heard there is a new beginning.(yes)
I tell this to you now because it will not be long.Earth's magnetic field is nothing arround like it was.It shifts are long years on our Planet.they say 2012 will be a critical year .and unknown flying objects we see more and more.they did not know what they should do and gave us the UFO files.


many say,many syntheses.what will live be?!.what will there be such?!
many say, many syntheses.what will happen 2 us?! What we will see?!

i dont know what will happen, we will see.2012 will be soon. lets wait and see. (end)

i hope you can understand my english... post this video to other people please.
we all have 2 show that something is going on there, maybe.
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"HAARP情報""アメリカ2012"、"イギリス"21時12分12秒"マヤ暦" "再生"最後の審判の日"UFOエルサレム""UFO評論家" "ダイオキシン中毒""2012ドイツ語""2012ラップドイツ語" "アシュタルSheran" "2012年ドイツのラップ "" 2012ドイツのドキュメンタリー""2012年ドキュメンタリー""マヤ2012""マヤ祭り""マヤカスタム"
死んだ鳥""死んだ鳥2011""ダイオキシンのスキャンダルを証明せよ"NWO、地震、津波、" 2012"、"最後の審判の日""オバマ2012年"" "2012年に何が起こったのか" 2012 "についての真実" 2012年の神話""火星着陸""植民地化火星"


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