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Uploaded on Jul 8, 2011

This is my adventure at Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch in Douglas, AZ or Bisbee is what she usually says the town is. I tried everything I could to help those equines, but she did nothing but treat me poorly.. So once myself and my friends advised her we were depleted, she got a really bad attitude and kicked me out of the cabin. Which I paid for my electric (friend prepaid), my food, cable tv, some of her food, all the horses feed, I did all the feeding in the mornings alone, got seriously injured one day while unloading hay alone, killed a rattlesnake in her house for her, and spent a bit over 3,000. in one month doing all of the above.

Yes, I got to stay in the tiny cabin free of charge... (if you call that free). After realizing that there was NO way I could be involved in any sort of business with her because she did not have the right mind for what I was looking for, and no type of money... I decided to stay for the horses sake only, because she really started treating me horrible. She self admits to me that she does NOT like or get along with woman. She called me pushy, which is probably true because I would ask for money for hay, or "we are almost out of hay Belle, what do you want me to do?" she would always change the subject.

There were NUMEROUS people that came by and told me that if I were to leave, they would be calling animal control, among others. Well I did inform those people that I would let them know if I left, and would not lie to them. So when I left I did as I said I would, and I let them all know. I CALLED NO-ONE ON HER!! Just the people that could turn her in if they wanted, but had no authority in investigations or such, like I didn't call Sheriff, Department of Livestock, or Adult protective services on her.. She stated in an email that the Sheriff's department on her and all of the above mentioned departments, but I didn't. Although I should have, I did NOT. I did know the people that I informed I was leaving did, and I knew they would.

Even a "friend" of her's that lives out there said "WHAT? She kicked you out?? Your the hardest worker she has had here in so long!!"

Went to court and she played the 'poor ole sick me' and tried to blame EVERYTHING on me. The judge wouldn't have any of that.

Somehow... SOMEHOW!! She ended up getting awarded with all her mini's, and 6 horses of her choosing. All stallions/jacks had to be gelded within a month OR she would be cited. I will be surprised to see this happen, especially when the little guy grows up... She wants to breed him, and leaves stallions in with mares all the time.. Or her help does. (Julie?)

When I was rudely informed to get off the ranch (by her Power of Attorney Julie Hernandez), myself and my friend were told that if we left "our" hay they would give us 2 horses of our choosing... we said no (wish we traded now, hindsight) because we were quite angry with the way we were approached by Julie. Then in court she said we stole her hay LOL!!

Anyway, we just want all the equines safe, she can talk all she wants to me and about me as long as it is the truth, but if she wants to lie I will take her to court.

They have been receiving phone calls about her horses for over 9 yrs, I am so curious as to why Livestock would let her have them back after 9 yrs of fighting to get them out. Hillary at Arizona Department of Livestock was the representative.

One last thing that really bothered me. I called the prosecuting attorney in the case the day before, and told him I have all sorts of evidence... To include dated pictures, receipts, and myself as a witness. He told me "I have 80 cases tomorrow, and don't have time to call a witness, this is going to be a 10 minute hearing... I have a plan in place" Why did he lose then?

On a side-note... How come HOW COME Steve from Horse n around (rescue in Hereford, AZ) was allowed to be present in the courtroom, allowed to know where the horses where taken, allowed to know so much information about this case even though he is not employed with the Department of Livestock, allowed to be the one that got the rescued horses. Sounds like a good ole' boy club to me. I couldn't even go into the courtroom and defend myself... I want an explanation for this. This sounds like it could be some sort of favoritism.

Perhaps some of us were just to "Dramatic"... I think people should have taken this a bit more seriously, look at her income, +bills, and tell me, can you afford 21 equines on SSDI? Hell, LOOK AT HER HISTORY!! Little over 900. a month is what she told me.

You all had the chance and YOU BLEW IT!


I miss you Maike!


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