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Published on Oct 11, 2010

This is seriously the scariest game I've played since Dead Space came out. I was playing on a patio in broad daylight with others and I still had to close out of the session countless times. Definitely worth the $20 used to support the developers. BUY THIS GAME.

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Jake Harrington
Silly kids, thinking Slender is scarier than this.
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Asia K
It actually is. In Slender, you can't completely predict when you will see enemy. Amnesia is actually more easy to predict if you beaten the game once.
+Jerome H. good point, but i find outlast terrifying because it plays on my superstitions of ghosts, cults, and insane asylums. plus seeming you are constantly being chased isn't very appealing to me,
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G Ay
Scroll back up you pussy 
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Back the fuk up u scrub i finished amnesia in 1 day
Bart Whydoyoucare
What if I watched entire video and then scrolled down for comments
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Alex Star
This game is sooo funnn... when you watch somebody playin' it xD
i stopped playing half way trough ;-; i cant get trough the dungeon part .-.
Blažka Verčkovnik
i played it. never fucking again!!
6 years later, this game is still the best horror game for me
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Max House
outlast doesnt scare..
Meh, Outlast relies too much on jump scares, and thus becomes predictable later on.
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2:12 "Monster spawns are infrequent, but random." They're not random at all, they are all scripted.
Evan Hopkins
It's not scary watching this but when you play it's a different story
Bryan Neideffer
RaveOfDarkness2120 I love how you phrased that I think silent hill is more scarier me self
well seing someone else play it is scary but not as scary when your playing it but its still scary (well depending if you easely get scared)
jada towner
amnesia is one of the best games i've played. it's got a great plot, and lures you in to play. i remember watching my brother play it 24/7 which got me wanting to play it. the first corner i turned, i saw that flubbery creature & it gave me goosebumps. and me, being the person who can never remember the correct controls, (like in cod, i can't remember which button to press to aim, etc.) tried to throw bottles and crates at the monster, and eventually i died. i might not have done anything to hurt it, because i kept missing, but those empty bottles & crates do come in handy. the lanterns don't help much, but create that eerie look around you. the part that creeps me out the most is when your screen gets foggy along the edges and creates that weird distortion. i love it, though. this is an awesome game. :)
Lol flubbery creature. I'm going to start calling it that now :3
I've almost shit my pants just watching this video.. I want to play this game but I don't want to have heart attack :D
My aim this summer is to pick up where I left off about a year ago, which was when I got to the sewers.. I knew that the brute encounter was scripted there, and I reaaally did not want to have to run into that, so I stopped there; paralysed at the sewer entrance
The first levels are quite possible, it becomes scarier and scarier over time, so you can play as far as you'd like. Personally I quit after I finished the prison. That shit got me terrified!
The girl getting slashed/tortured is one of the most disturbing thing in the game
David Adamson
Really good video danthaman15, I really liked the information you provided in the video!
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