FaZe Clan Exposed by GFXLab *MUST WATCH*





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Published on May 12, 2011

Here's the full story -

I never heard of the FaZe clan before this video. I just found it funny that these randoms were raging on me in the game, so I posted this video. It got a bunch of attention and FaZe attempted to pay me to take the video down. I said no and instead started a war against trickshotters.

My experience with trickshotters has always been this. They will use a One Man Army class with noobtubes and kill the entire opposite team camping at the back of the map. When the last guy is left, they will switch to their trickshotting class and expect the last guy to stand still so they can attempt their trickshots.

Trickshotters ruined MW2 Search and Destroy lobbies by setting up for each other. I don't care if you hit a legitimate quickscope or trickshot, but some of these kids just join lobbies to stand in one spot trying to get footage for their over hyped, over editted trickshooting montage videos.

This video has been mentioned on PKA and is well known for phrases such as "GFXLab your backgrounds smell like dog shit", "FPS Russia is not even known", "FaZe Shift sounds like a faggot" and many other hilarious quotes.

I find it hilarious that trickshotters get so angry when I ruin their plans. I've developed a style of gameplay that combats these kids in an attempt to rescue MW2 Search and Destroy. Which in my opinion is the best thing in the entire series of Call of Duty.

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eRa Dekzo
xD he goes "I love it when I do clutches like this" they're spinning in fucking circles. They're not hard to kill. And how could you be a gfx artist but not know FaZe? Bs. And then he goes "They haven't even won one round hahaha." Again, they're spinning in circles they killed your whole team until you were the last one alive. They could've easily just killed you and won if they wanted to. And if you didn't know who FaZe was, then why would you expose random players? You're obviously lying to make it seem like your cool kid.
you think your good when you clutch against trickshotters when your last lol
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Alice Oliveira
ShiFT is the biggest shit talker I ever played with.
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Ahaha you are pathetic, first of all you were commentating as if you were versing pro players when you actually they were just trickshoting and all they do is spin in circles and you get free kills. You were acting as if your clutch was something special. Them you said they raged when the actually didn't they left the match because the match ended and the went to look for a match were people will set up the trickshots. Also they didn't leave because of there k/d there trickshotsers they don't care about there k/d and even if you do leave in match it still counts to your k/d. You made such a big deal about nothing wow.
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GFXLab is gay af
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DGA Blurz
Well they do now have 2 million subs sooo
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scared penguin
''They even haven't won 1 round.. lol stfu kid they're trickshotting and you are trying your ass off. If you try to bring in arguments do it better lol.
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Clay. | Coming back.
FaZe.. Don't make me Laugh :>
He is right your subscribers are inactive just delete your channel or go on bo2 league play if you think your so good because nobody tryhards in mw2 its all about trickshooting and its funny that you said that you like to clutch it when they were just spinning they couldve killed you easily and its people like you that are jeolus of people more known than you you piece of shit 
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The fact that FaZe Apex called zzirGrizz "bad" just boggles my mind
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