Silat Suffian Bela Diri - 12 Essential Gun / Firearm Disarms





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Published on Mar 25, 2007


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In certain stuation, e.g. bank robbery, muggings, shop store robbery etc it is advisable to just agree to the demands of "gun threats".

But when u are faced with "life and death" situations where your immediate future and the ones you care about are at the balance e.g. kidnapping intentions, hostage situations, rape, forced to a secondary location or worst; you will have to do what ever it takes to avoid this.

One effective way is to stop its escalation by initially gaining control of the weapon. It may be easier said then done but this is just one of the many option that you have.

The principle of the gun disarm is by initially trapping the trigger finger and peeling it back towards the attacker breaking or dislocating the finger. No finger, No gun discharge. then redirecting the muzzle to the attacker.

The difference between a professional & an untrained person is their trigger finger placement. This technique caters for both.

NOTE: This is NOT a "fast-food" technique, where you just watch, do it once and expect it to work in real-time. In reality, there will be no 2nd chances, if you fail the 1st time, the risk of you being shot by the attacker is high as he will find you to be a threat. and you will be made an example of that.

An attacker will not hesitate if he feels that his survival is at risk.

The technique should be drilled many times under different situations and a qualified instructor.


For information & enquiries, setting up a study group or classes in your area, instructor courses, for workshops, seminars or private instruction;

Contact me at; maul565@hotmail.com


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Crystal Champion
Biggest critique would be not moving your head out of the way. And at 0:25 looks like he pulls it straight down his center line. A revolver with the hammer cocked back is real touchy as with other light triggers. Smacking or jarring a gun like that would set it off. I would recommend simultaneously moving the perp's target out of the way; head, body, neck, etc.
James Pearson
Saw a demonstration like this in Korea, trying to get us to take Tae Kwon Do classes. The instructor gave a volunteer a cap gun and said "You try to mug me". The soldier took the gun, stood 8- 10 feet away and said,"Put your wallet and watch on the ground and run away". The instructor took a step toward him, the soldier fired the cap gun three time and said, "You wouldn't last 5 minutes in my neighborhood." You never stand that close to someone if you have a gun, the guy with the gun never even tried to resist or fire, and just passively laid down. Sorry, too staged to be believable.
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0:36-0:40 "Gimme that firearm before u hurt yourself...the f**k's wrong with you?!"
Brandon F
Lesson for gunman: stay outside of arms reach.
vr jr
I like how armed people stay still LOL. A guy with a gun will never go close if he has a gun, if he wants to draw he will step back and use his hand or leg to push you away... Again if I have a gun why would I go close to you lol. If I have knife I wont show you in your face only when I m going to stabb you. Knife attacks are so rapid you wont stay a chance grabbing anything LOL.
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Empire Melayu
This is silat , not mma , silat defense and kill ,
Lepa Lion
New World Mixed Martial Arts Association
Btw...no disrespect intended. I also train and teach Silat and EP, para and Military Combatives. We always use CCN (Clear Control Neutralize)...any thoughts?
New World Mixed Martial Arts Association
Not totally convinced he has ever done some of these...hardly ever clears the line....relies too much on speed and the assist instructors lack of intension. Should be using Airsoft. Try and plug him a few rounds for real. Reality is the litmus test.. Great moves though.
James w Mallory
All the arts are for tuning mind and body, and defense basically which is good because you might not always be armed. I personally like this art form, I like the speed changes, and manipulations, well done.
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