Russia - the ancestral home of the Vikings ? Why Thor Heyerdahl looking for the in Russia?





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Published on Aug 15, 2019

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Why did the legendary Tour Heyerdahl look for the ancestral home of Scandinavians in Russia?

When in 2000, the legendary Norwegian Explorer and traveler Thor Heyerdahl launched an expedition to the Russian city of Azov, it caused General indignation among supporters of the Western historical paradigm. Still, after all, the purpose of the archaeological expedition of Heyerdahl was, neither more nor less, to find confirmation of the hypothesis that the ancestors of the Scandinavians, led by Odin, came to their country from the don steppes. But what were the reasons for the famous traveler for such an assumption? What did he hope to find in Azov and what ended his search?

The idea that the ancestral home of the Scandinavians need to look here arose from the famous Norwegian after he got acquainted with one of the old Norse Royal Saga – "The Saga of the Inglings." This theme did not give the Heyerdahl of peace since 1962. But too much time and effort required other projects. Today, few remember the unprecedented campaigns of Heyerdahl on the balsa raft "Kon-Tiki", on the papyrus boats "RA" and "RA 2", on the reed "Tigris". But there were still studies of the huge statues of Easter island, the discovery of the whole valley of the pyramids in Peru, the successful search for Inca gold and more. A b
in the seventies his travels were followed by the whole world, marking the next point in the ocean with flags on the map, his books were sold in millions of copies.

And now, the famous traveler, the owner of 11 honorary degrees of universities in Europe and America, as well as the title of the most famous Norwegian of the last century goes to Russia. What for? To prove that the ancestors of the Scandinavians were aliens from the don steppes. And this at a time when historians say that it was the Varangians (who are considered to be Scandinavians) brought to Russia statehood. Well, Heyerdahl had fought academic dogma all his life, and I must say, always successfully. He managed to debunk a number of scientific myths and prove several absolutely incredible (at first glance) hypotheses.

In this issue, we offer to understand the historical foundations of Heyerdahl's research in Russia, and in the end even learn to read the old Norse inscriptions See advanced versions of educational films of the project awareness in the online cinema Slavic World: Ancient history, the world Of Ancestors and Spiritual development. Proper Nutrition and healthy foods. Purity of speech and power of speech. Training Courses: development of thinking, health and healing of ailments. Building a family and raising children Useful Recipes and master classes Educational articles and thematic collections all Slavic World, online cinema, which develops. New releases every week. Action until the end of summer - months of subscription as a gift. Sign up and change your life for the better! So why is the famous Explorer Thor Heyerdahl expected it in the vicinity of Azov to find the ancient ancestral home of the Scandinavians?

Here's what Heyerdahl wrote about it himself: "the Place is well studied. But I am interested in much earlier time (...), so I decided to start excavations not on the right Bank, where there was Tanais, and on the left Bank of the don". And then, remembering "the Yngling Saga" continues: "Snorri Sturluson says that Odin was a Kingdom at the mouth of the river Tana, on the left Bank. And the people were called the people of the aces..." Rostov archaeologists, however, have long known that in ancient times lived in the Azov wasp people. Maybe it was the legendary aces?

Having studied local materials, Heyerdahl writes the following: "...I was simply amazed when I learned that the tribes

the Aesir and the Vanir were real people who inhabited these places before our era!"The international expedition, which also included a long-time friend and associate of Heyerdahl Yuri Senkevich (the older generation remembered him as the permanent host of the TV show "Club of film travels"), lasted 2 seasons (2000 and 2001), and in 2002 the Tour Heyerdahl passed away. What did the expedition find?



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