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Published on Feb 4, 2012

Click here you do not understand the story: (~~ SPOILERS~~)

Spencer has always been the good girl in Rosewood. Straight A's, near-perfect attendance and even helping at the homeless shelter during weekends, but could this be happening? Could she be falling hard for Toby Cavanaugh. Toby is the bad boy in town, even little kids are scared of him, crossing the street to avoid him! Toby seems to be brave but unfortunately that's just a front. Toby runs to the alley way and sits crying on the floor. He just can't bear to have every one frightened of him.

Spencer asks the school if she can tutor him. With the school's improvement she finds herself knocking on Toby's door. Before he can slam the door in her face, she tells him she is here to help him with school work. They sit on the porch and begin talking- but far from school subjects. Spencer feels her self falling deeper and deeper in love.

Afraid of what her parents think, they agree to keep the relationship on the down-low for a while. While Spencer's parents are away, and she is frightened Toby stays the night at Spencer's house to try and comfort her. They sit in front of the fire declaring there love for each other. Toby grabs her hand in reassurance and they both can feel he strong connection.
Over the next few nights, with Spencer's parents still away, she decides to stay the night at Toby's. She sits on his bed playing a harmless game of scrabble, but when they both start to get tired, things get awkward. Toby goes too the bathroom to change and Spencer has a sneak peek. She can feel her self blushing.

Spencer gets changed into Toby's top and climbs into bed, making sure she's near, but not too close to him. She doesn't want to scare him away just yet!
In the morning Spencer finds her arms wrapped around Toby. Feeling slightly embarrassed she has no idea what to do!
Toby says goodbye to Spencer, but this time, Spencer gets what she's been waiting for - Toby leans in and kisses her and Spencer can't help but smile through the kiss.

Toby tells Spencer he 'Loves her' and Spencer shyly replies 'I wanted to say that first'. In all the excitement they kiss.
At the night time, they go to the highest hill in Rosewood and watch over the town. They discuss how they want to leave town and forget everyone and everything. Even the past.

Heading back to Toby's car, things get a little 'HOT'. Just as they were enjoying the moment Toby swears he saw a shadow lurching in Spencer's window.
Getting out the car and heading back into her house, Spencer's dad opens the doorway. Spencer is shocked! Shouldn't her parents be away? Wrong. Her parents trip was cut short. Her father was angry. Being out this late? He forbids her to see Toby again and Toby was sent on his way.
When Toby gets home he waits outside hoping Spencer would sneak out to see him. Seeing a car coming from round the corner he becomes happy but that soon changes when a police car races round the corner. Toby's first instinct is to run, but how could he? The police were coming in from all directions. Unsure what he has done, he gives up and lets the cops wrestle him to the ground.
(Although this isn't shown in the youtube video, lets just say Toby is arrested for a petty crime he had done before he met Spencer)

Spencer is taken in for questioning. Toby see's her and shouts for her, declaring his love. She ignores him and leaves the police station.

Toby is escorted around school with police and every one turns there nose up at him, abandoning him. If they weren't scared before, they are now.
Being fired from his job, Toby goes to collect his tools. One of the bolts on the scaffolding are become lose, yet he does not notice this. He has a terrible fall and ends up in hospital. Spencer gets a phone call and rushes to the hospital. Toby says he loves her and she apologises and they carry on with there relationship.

Once Toby is released from hospital, Spencer drives Toby to the top of there hill to look at the stars and on the town below - just like they had done when they planned to run away together - During school, every one is still scared of Toby. Spencer plucks up the courage and kisses him in the hallway.
Spencer is finally happy with her life. Perfect grades, perfect boyfriend. What more could she want?


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