1. Smart Phone Zombie Falls

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  8. How Bank Crook$ Earn Million$

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  10. Steubenville high school lout ridicules "Dead" rape victim

  11. USA Superiority Myth: I'm American Go F*** Yourself

  12. Cockroach grabs I Phone Sneaky like snake

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  14. Irak, the bloody truth the West covers up

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  24. Exposing The Real Pirates of YouTube

  25. Truman Hiroshima Barbaric Mass Murder

  26. Profitable business of blowing peoples' arms and legs off

  27. High speed delivery - 100% Synthetic Audio © Rol G

  28. Stooshe Live "Black Heart"

  29. X-rated girl in stockings - censored as pornographic by YouTube

  30. Paul McCartney Tribute @ Kennedy Center

  31. VW Vanagon Camping Portugal

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  33. If you got it flaunt it

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  42. Recession Uncle Sam's $14 Trillion Debt

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