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Published on Feb 1, 2016

Http://www.aquacentrum.com presents with this video a short overview, why one should drink alkaline Hydrogen Rich Water from a Water Ionizer.
There are really many advantages, but th biggest one is probably the Hydrogen, which is solved in the HRW-Water.
Our best water ionizer is right now this one:

Water ionizers are water filter devices which can filter tap-water and produce special properties in the water through electrolysis. With a push of a button you will receive pure, alkaline, antioxidant water which has a really fine taste and a lot of benefits, especially when compared to normal unfiltered tap or drinking water. What is most exceptional is that this water has pure hydrogen. This we consider to be the main advantage.
What benefits can ionized water (also called Alkaline Active-Water or Kangen Water) have for you and many queries can be found in the FAQ-Sites by Mr. Asenbaum, especially in this short but very effective Article about ionized alkaline water.

Why choose Hydrogen Rich Water from an Waterionizer?
0:42 -
2:16 - Why alkaline hydrogen enriched Water and how it works?
4:58 - Alkaline Minerals? Stomach
6:24 - What to drink? acidic Beverages? Cola, Coffee, Green Tea?
9:03 - What ORP and PH Values to use?
12:05 - Drinking Trainers? What is Live Blood Analsys?


I will speak about deep matters about water. It's not like the surface matters that I just speak and tell you some speculative arguments without proof behind it. I will explain new material from Mr. Asenbaum who is my coach and my partner. And he has so much knowledge, he gathered 10 years knowledge about this matter and now we go really deep. Questions which you never hear normally and questions which are really interesting and I hope you enjoy it.

Alkaline water is nearly not well-known in the European countries but in the United States and Korea and Japan and other Asian countries it is a really well known and many people use it daily. And alkaline water has advantage that it has a nice taste. It is about hydrogen, the hydrogen tastes really special. It has like this fresh taste of something which you don't get nowhere else. Only in alkaline water you can really get that amount of hydrogen. The hydrogen can be around 1500 micrograms, which is a really tiny amount if you measure it by weight but it is like so much bubbles. Hydrogen is like it has no weight at all really and 1500 micrograms can be solved in the alkaline water...

Not many people speak about that. They speak mostly alkaline water, ionized water, but it's more about the hydrogen, as the hydrogen it brings you the electrons into the water and that means that our water alkaline hydrogen enriched water has a negative ORP. That’s the oxidation reduction potential that means that this water doesn't rust metallic stuff, it does antioxidant it. It is like putting the rust away. So if you have rusted metals you can put it in the alkaline water and the first 1-2 hours it will make the contrary, it will take away the rust and this makes it also in the body. So you drink it and those things what normally would rust you alkaline water does donate an electron and so the oxidating material will not harm your cells, will harm nothing, it will not make you older as the hydrogen has donated its electron.

I mean we must not go too deep in these matters as it’s a little bit more complicated. I tried to explain it like more easy that everybody can understand it but this is mainly the reason why we do it. Hydrogen enriched water! It's like not carbonated water, hydrogenated water, it has the bubbles, it tastes much better and it is not like the pH value at the lower level normally the government allows to drink. It’s 6.5, it's on the higher part. It’s at the 9.5 part as a government allows like around 9.5 or 9.0 depending on the country you live in. And for this reason it's really better to drink the water on the other side what the government allows and not on the lower side. Why 6.57 neutral water or slightly acidic water? Better alkaline water I would suggest.
The point is, the more you drink this water and you have separated the acidic minerals, not all of them but most of them are separated for this reason. We call it ionized water so the water will be separated into hydrogen and oxygen but also we separate the other ions. So we have like more minerals which are alkaline, calcium, magnesium, carlium, sodium and that stuff. And we now drink that here inside. We drink it.
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