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Uploaded on Nov 7, 2008

A very Informative discussion on the topic of ruling of Music and Pictures in Islam by Javed Ghamidi .Explaination the

verses of Noble Qur'an and hadiths of Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) that are using Music and

Pictures. Generally muslims beleive that all kind of Music and Pictures are completely prohibited in Islam.

Also Answering the questions

-Prophet Sulaiman (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) and Images.

-In Noble Qur'an - 2 places where scholar normally used for prohibition.
{When he said to his father and his people: "What are these images, to which you are devoted?" (21:52)}
{And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e.music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah

without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Quran) by way of mockery. For such there will be

a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire). (31:06)}

-Hadith about Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) saying that he was sent for breaking musical instrument.

-About Music as a Sign of day of Judgement

-About Hadith mentioning punisment of molten lead will be pouring on ears of people who like music.

-Also Ijmah of Scholars for prohibition of Music.

-Hadith about Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) saying, "From among my followers there will be some

people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of

musical instruments, as lawful.

-Hadith about in which Aisha (r.a) Narrated Abu Bakr (r.a)came to my house while two small Ansari girls were singing

beside me the stories of the Ansar concerning the Day of Buath. And they were not singers. Abu Bakr (r.a) said

protestingly, "musical instruments of Satan in the house of Allah's Apostle (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) !" It

happened on the 'Id day and Allah's Apostle (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) said, "O Abu Bakr! There is an 'Id

for every nation and this is our 'Id."

- Vulgarity and Immoral Use of Music an Singing

-Content of Poetry

-Poetry of Poet Kaab bin Zaher and and correction by Allah's Apostle (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him).

-Imam Ibn Hazn and Imam Ghazali 's point of views.

-Sound coming from Throat and Instrument

-Potrait of living things and Non-living things.

-Hadith About Allah's Apostle (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) said, "The makers of these pictures will be

punished on the Day of Resurrection and it will be said to them, 'Make alive what you have created.' Moreover, the

angels do not enter a house where there are pictures.'"

-About Scupltures.

-Making of Idols of righteous person and worshiping it by pagans.

-Hadith about Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) forbade the acceptance of the price of a dog or blood,

and also forbade the profession of tattooing, getting tattooed and receiving or giving Riba, (usury), and cursed the


-Hadith about The Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) said, "Take away this Qiram of yours, as its pictures

are still displayed in front of me during my prayer (i.e. they divert my attention from the prayer)."

-Using of Eletronic media.

-About Immorality and Exposing bodies on T.V and parties.

-About Misuse of media and poetry.

-For Ideal Muslim.

-Allow of poetry, Music and Images doesn't mean it is obligatory.

-What can we do in Now-a-days where muslims are totally invlove in it.

-Isn't Musics and Images should be ban because of possibility of listening and watching of immoral TV channels like

Alcohol Bars.

-Regarding Toys of Mother of Believers Aisha (r.a).

-Generally Scholars not coming in T.V programs because of Vulgar and immoals advertise b/w programs.

-About Bell and ringing

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