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Published on Aug 23, 2007

This is a video response to "Americans are NOT stupid"

This video was NOT MADE TO INSULT BRITISH!!!! I am british myself!!!!!

It is a response, not because the same questions were asked to british people, it is a response because british people were questioned about britain and their general knowlegde, just like in the original video and also because scenes were faked.

there are idiots in every country. its just a popular thing to be hypocritical against america. the other countries don't think and follow like sheep. they say "dumb Americans" because it's the thing to do and to point out the most uneducated Americans.
There is no perfect country. France, Germany, England...they all have idiots.

This video was not made by american people, it was filmed and edited by european people.

From 13 people that were questioned, 12 or so were used in the video.

We tried to film a different age group of people.

4 kids, 1 pair of elderly, 6+ middle aged people.

Two kids in the video knew about the questions and they were in the video for a joke. The other two are aged 14 and 13.
If you say you can't expect them to know how many sides a triangle/square has, it's up to you!

Just because some people don't know the answer to a few questions doesn't make a whole nation stupid!

The purpose of this video is NOT to insult british, it is simply here to prove that neither americans nor british are stupid.

It is also here to prove that a few scenes in the original video were used in a fake way and half of the people actually got the questions right.

Yes we know that "Blare" is spelled "Blair" and we also know that there is no real british car manufacturer anymore, since all of the original british ones have be bought by other countries.

Thank you for making the comments so entertaining :)!!!

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Swedish coder
Unfortunately stupidity is a world wide phenomenon.
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WAY harder questions than the American version. PLUS you're asking 5-year olds. Cmon try harder.
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Emma L
Its not "Southern Ireland" - its the Republic of Ireland. Not just an add on to the north, Britain.  Also: Im neither British or American but in the US version they asked ADULTS. Here they asked mainly kids and old people. Not exactly a fair comparison, in my opinion. 
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Zayla Zales
So what makes Europeans think they're smarter than Americans.
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The belligerent, angry posters here don't seem to grasp the importance of the fact that this video was made by a British man, poking a little fun at his own people while satirizing all the videos portraying Americans as uneducated fools. There is no reason for Brits and Americans to be fighting because of this video.  Put a microphone in front of any group of slightly nervous, unprepared people and the answers to even simple questions will be wrong most of the time.
Matthew Court
Haha! They're all Scottish. Good fucking luck with your independence.
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Peter Griffin
And Brits call us dumb Lmao!
Stereotypical Geeks
The people that dislike this video are the same people that like the video, "Americans are not stupid". They're just mad at the fact that their stereotype was proven wrong.
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Lizzie Walsh
Great Brits of the top of my head: Issac Newton, Helen Mirren, Winston Churchill, David Bowie, Florence Nightingale, Stephen Hawkings, Rosalind Franklind, JK Rowling, Peter Higgs, Richard branson, Bob Dylan, Earnest Rutherford, Paula Radcliffe, Delia Smith, Beatles, Diana princess of Wales, Rolling Stones, the sex pistols, the Clash, WILLIAMS SHAKESPEARE, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens just to name a few!!!! I really could go on...
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Wasn't this back when Blair was prime minister?  I don't think the kid who said George Bush was the PM was being stupid.  I think it was searing political satire!
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