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Uploaded on Dec 10, 2009

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Rap (Music Video Machinima)

by patfan8326 and skullkruncher13

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LYRICS -- Modern Warfare 2 Rap


Call of Duty is truly the best game, I can
Go and play it all day without no shame, cuz with
Modern Warfare Two I do the same thing
Playiní all night cuz sleep is just lame, and I
Let the trash be spoken untamed
In the xbox microphone, Iím pwniní insanely
Teabagginí people even though they canít see me
Iím rockiní COD: MW2, namely

Up on the gamer scene
I wasnít the only who thought COD
Was the dream
Until I seen something crazy
Right next to me
It made World at War
Look so yesterday
But Modern Warfare Two?
What is this thing, dude?
And I couldnít begin to think
Because my eyes were glued
So I looked at my bro
We both know whatís up
Whip out the cash little man,
We gonna buy this stuff
Next thing I know,
The Xbox ring is flashiní
I can hear the COD disc
Itís spinniní fast and,
I canít wait to start all the
Smash and blastiní
And now I know itís time
For me to kick some ass in.


Now haters hate
All you want,
But itís just a mistake
Cuz I will make
You astonished
As Iím honestly blatant
You think that Iím wastiní
All my time on COD?
Iíll tell you why itís amaziní
Youíll be praisiní the Gods
Screw walkiní Iíll be rockiní out
The tank and truck
You think ya got fire power
Till I crank it up
Tough it out, no doubt
That Iíll shank you up
Cuz Iím a knife throwiní whiz
That you canít touch
And so I thank you much
You boost my rank with ease
Before the match, I
Didnít even have to say please
You stick it out with a rifle
I stifle you to ya knees
I dual-wield this shit,
Come get a piece of these, UH!


Desert Eagle, keep it real
Born and built in Israel
Between you and me, you see
The USP is a steal
Itís got a bigass clip,
Itís accurate and shit
Just like the FAMAS
This gun will straight up rip
Donít slip youíll get hit
With the L86
The gunís range is sick
You best resort to quit
And with the p90, youíll find me
Cominí up behind thee
It unloads fast, Iíll kill your ass
So kindly

Cuz itís Belgian made itís
Sweeter than the bliss of chocolate
Its brother MP5 is powerful
Now this is hot shit
The M21, the grandson
Of M1 Garand
And, this semi-auto rifle
Gonna end what you planned
In my hand, AA-12
Is the gun that I wield
To this auto shotgun
All you fools gotta yield
So grab a riot shield
And Iíma make you hate me more
Iíll blow past that piece of plastic
With my AT4

Now if you use the dragunov
Youíre slackiní off, youíre done
I only settle for the Barret
.50 caliber son
Iím stalkiní you with steady aim
I hipfire all day
Martyrdom is for losers
Who misuse their AKís
Gettiní dirty with my enemies
Try to run with marathon,
But itís too easy how I handle these
And juggernautís not
What you want to use
And you can eat my headshot
Because Iím watchiní you, PUNK


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