What BHO should look like... STOP WHIPPING!





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Published on Aug 16, 2012

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IMO, whipped BHO is wrong for many reasons. Looking back on some of my budder/wax vids I can tell a lot of it was underpurged. I will never buy BHO from a dispensary again seeing as how even some of the top extractors produce "medicine" they know isn't as clean as it could and should be, and many dispensary owners/bud tenders don't even have a clue about how it's made or what to look for when purchasing from a vendor.

I'm not saying all budders/waxes are terrible 'cause I've dabbed some that were pretty clean, but for fuck's sake STOP WHIPPING.

#1 reason for shitty wax & budder is because of people whipping way before the purge is anywhere close to finished, either out of ignorance, impatience, or both.

Stop being trendy. Stop making shitty concentrates "because it sells". Stop catering to the IGNORANCE in this industry so you can make a buck and instead EDUCATE your patients. If you think it's OK to sell under-purged extracts because it's the preferred texture of the ignorant masses... FUCK YOU for being the biggest part of the problem. Not saying all are under purged, but wayyy too many are.

I'm not in any way touting my oil like it's the best shit around, I know it's not, but if you can't see clearly through a solvent-based extract you probably shouldn't trust it. The reality is that most of the people producing BHO for clubs aren't guys with Ph.D's in biochemistry, they're stoners and weed fanatics trying to make profitable use of all plant material they can. How do you know you can trust them to be thorough? There are exceptions out there for sure, but they are the vast minority unfortunately.

Even if fully purged, then whipped into budder, I still don't like the fact that with air now whipped into it, it causes the THC and other compounds to oxidize much more rapidly than being entrapped in an amorphous solid like shatter or thick stable pull-n-snap kind of sap. IMO there is absolutely no beneficial reason to ever whip BHO, and the price you pay for that preferred texture is the accelerated degradation of THC and other compounds, and a much shorter shelf-life when compared to shatters and stable sap.

For those that actually know what they're seeing(3000 views before only 2 people noticed it), yes this was SLIGHTLY under purged when I filmed it. For those that don't know and think it looks great, here's proof that even some of the better looking stuff in the clubs can have remaining solvent. This batch went back in the vac for another round after this video. Had this sat over time, you would have seen nucleation points expand into larger bubbles as the remaining solvent tries to escape and/or clouds where it began to crystallize and turn to wax. Had it been whipped into budder though, there's no possibility of that solvent expanding and escaping under normal conditions, and you can't simply throw it back in the vac again and finish it off. You'd have to use a LOT of heat to melt it back into oil again before it finishes purging. A process that would ultimately destroy a large amount of terpenes and other volatile compounds, further degrading the extract and deteriorating it's potential benefits.


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