Apogee Symphony I/O - Recording Jazz with new Mic Preamp module





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Uploaded on Oct 28, 2011

Symphony I/O has already set a new standard for sound quality, features, and expandability in the professional audio world. Right out of the box you are ready to connect to Pro Tools HD. You can also connect Symphony I/O to your laptop's USB port giving you 16 channels to record anywhere you like. Connect to a Symphony 64 card for incredibly low latency native recording in Logic, Cubase, Abelton, or the native version of Pro Tools. You can also connect to light pipe or AES in Symphony I/O's stand alone mode.
So when it was time to design a Mic Preamp module for Symphony I/O, the Apogee engineers really pushed the limits to design a Mic Pre Amp that was good enough to be a Symphony I/O module. In this video you will hear The Symphony I/O Mic Preamp and converter capture the true tone of Vibes, B3, Guitar, and Drums.


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