It's a Chemical Bond - "Nothin' On You" Remix





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Published on May 31, 2010

Another project for AP Chemistry.

Cast and Credits
John Haskell: First chorus, second singing verse, video producer
Stephen Haskell: Second & third chorus, first singing verse, audio producer
Eric Larsen: Both rapping verses, lyrics writer

[CHORUS] - John
Ionic bonds, and covalent bonds,
Forming and breaking, new molecules making,
It's a chemical bond, babehhhhh,
A chemical bond, baby,
Electron pairs, are they transferred or shared?
How do you name them, is polarity there?
It's a chemical bond, baby,
A chemical bond, baby.

[RAP VERSE 1] - Eric
Okay first off we'll start with ionic.
They deal with ions, isn't that ironic,
Cations, anions, polyatomic,
Make a strong bond, like a bomb that's atomic,
Typically a metal and a nonmetal bond,
To get an octet so that they become strong,
They get together and transfer electrons,
They share them equally, neither one is conned.

[SINGING VERSE 1] -Stephen
What makes the bonds stronger? And last longer?
And have a higher melting point you think?
A correct inference, would be the difference,
In electronegativity.
To name it put the cation first you see,
And on the anion put I D E
Unless it's polyatomic then let it be

[CHORUS] -Stephen

[RAP VERSE 2] -Eric
Im'a talk about covalent bonds now
Two nonmetals bond, you wanna know how?
Atoms come together, cause they want an octet
They share electrons to get eight in their set.
Covalent differs from ionic greatly:
They have a smaller difference in e-negativity,
Percent ionic character is less obviously,
What, about polarity?
Non-polar, beats polar,
When it comes to sharing equally.
But polar, has a higher,
Melting point than non-polar's be.
Naming them is easy thankfully,
Just put a prefix on the atom please,
Rappin' bout bonds, yeah I'm a G.
[CHORUS] -- Stephen
Now metallic bonds, are the bond type number three.
Electrons aren't stagnant, they move around in a sea.
It's senior year with Standish, and I'm lucky with a "C,"
Can't wait to get out of here, it's AP Chemistry.


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