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Published on Dec 30, 2015

List of academic connectors Academic Connectors and how to use connectors in English. I present to you connectors that you should be using to write papers for university.

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Dogs can sense human sadness. ___________ they can respond appropriately to this emotion.
In addition giving more information

Dogs are used for hunting and fishing. ___________ they are also often used in military and police work.
Likewise in like or similar manner

Dogs and cats provide different amount of emotional support. If you prefer a pet that gives and requires a lot of emotional support, choose a dog. ___________ if you have less time and energy for a pet, a cat is a better choice.
Moreover in addition; giving more information

Snakes can be excellent pets. ___________ they are ideal for children who are allergic to pet hair.
Accordingly because of the reason that is given; it fits...along the same lines

Owning a dog may require you to wake up earlier in the morning. Once you know how long it takes to feed and walk your dog, you can adjust your schedule ___________.
As a result because of this...

Dogs are one of the most popular pets, and many people own more than one. ______________ there are more than 80 million dogs living in the United States.
Therefore used to show a conclusion is coming

Cats don't always get along well with dogs. ______________ if you own cats, you should consider the effects on them before adopting a new dog.
Consequently as a consequence of what happened

Dogs often try to eat human food. ______________ if you leave food out in the open, it will probably get eaten by your pet dog.
Thus as a result of what I said...

Rabbits prefer not to be held or touched by humans. ______________ if you own a rabbit, you should observe it quietly instead of picking it up and carrying it around.
Above all above and beyond all other consideration

______________ if you are allergic to cat or dog hair, it is not a good idea to make a cat or dog your pet.
In essence most importantly...

Should you get a pet? ______________ it is an economic decision; you have to determine if you can afford to own a pet.
In other words put another way

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but they are actually one of the most sensitive and loyal breeds. ______________ don't be afraid to bring a pit bull into your family.
Instead in place of, or as an alternative to

______________ of cooking steak for you dog, it is more economical to buy dog food.
However on the other hand...shows some "opposite" info is coming

I dislike most dogs, ______________ I am fond of my neighbor's dog.
Nevertheless never mind anything else...

Pets require a significant amount of time and money. ______________ many people report that they would not give up their pets for any amount of money.
In contrast as an opposite

Each year of a cat's life is equal to 7 human years. ______________ each year of a dog's life is equivalent to 9 human years.
Meanwhile at the same time

I left my dinner on the table and went to get the baby from her crib. ______________ my cat jumped up on the table and started licking my steak!
Simultaneously at the exact same time

It can be very difficult to talk on the phone and walk your dog ______________.
In conclusion to sum it all up

___________ these sentence have been about pets.
On the contrary as an opposite...

Some people fear that birds make terrible pets. ___________ they have been kept by humans as pets for thousands of years.
On the other hand a different, contrasting example

Cats don't enjoy being taken for walks. ___________ many breeds of dogs take great pleasure in being walked.
Although even though

___________ I'm allergic to cats, I still really want one.
Besides making an additional point; anyway

___________ dogs and cats, other popular pets include birds, lizards, turtles, and rabbits.
In particular Specifically

Dogs require food that gives them enough protein. ___________ high quality protein from animals is preferable to plant-based proteins.
In fact in truth

Not all food that is safe for humans is also safe for dogs. ___________ some common foods like chocolate and avocados can be very harmful to dogs.
Ideally perfectly; in a perfect situation

___________ rabbits should be kept in a large cage separate from other rabbits.
In spite of regardless of

___________ the expense of owning pets, many pet owners believe it is worth it.
regardless in spite of; no matter about all the rest

___________ of what type of dog you have, pet insurance is a good idea.

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