Ford F150 truck tormenting and trying to crash cyclist - Dowagiac MI





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Published on Aug 18, 2011

Your bicycle safety skills should make you take the lane to keep from being cut off especially in a no passing zone going to the crest of a hill. This driver was obviously impatient and did not like cyclists on his road. Unfortunately I was toward the front of the group and did not catch all of the dangerous and threatning driving on film. After he tried to run me off the road the first time I yelled into his window "please drive safe." Obviously he was not interested in safety as he buzzed me a second time. Yes I stayed in the middle of the lane the second time because I was preparing to be ran off the road again. I needed a few feet to my right just in case. I am thinking about calling the Dowagiac police 269-782-9743 to ask if this driver could be mandated to take a certified bicycle safety class from the League of American Bicyclists.

Silver Ford F150 Plate GPH53 8/16/11 6:50PM

Be safe out there.
PS. I will gladly take the bicycle safety class with this driver if it means he will attend.

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Anyone else notice that the people calling cyclists stupid are barely able to string a sentence together?
steven earnshaw
Bikes aren't supposed to be in the middle of the fucking road, fuck I hate people that do that, 
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+ktekx not if they are side by side... its only legal in a straight line
+FirstNLastName1 Ok, so who wouldn't love to go fast the whole way? I ride multi-use paths and pass pedestrians and slow cyclist when it's safe all the time. So....what was your point again?
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I the cyclists, you assholes act like your king of the road, roads are built for cars not bicycles. If you are not capable of doing the speed limit move the fuck over for everyone who can. I'm always hearing that cyclists wanna be treated like another vehicle on the road, yet I see them break just about every traffic law there is. It's a fucking joke and shouldn't be allowed 
s ss
How is it not okay for the truck to pass you on a double yellow (no passing) but its okay for you to pass it? How is it wrong for the truck to break a traffic law like passing on a double yellow but it's not wrong that a pack of dudes on bikes are going 20 under the posted speed limit. Ride you bike outta peoples way, not in the same fucking lane without even caring about anyone around you, sharing the road goes both ways, learn how to ride those expensive ass bikes.
Blaine Goodrich
First off, you're riding in the middle of the rode. The pickup is just trying to go past and you decide to hit his truck. You sir, are an asshole.
Tomlantis 212
ps cyclists never stop at 4 wags stops go right through I dislike u guys
Mike Ansley
GET OFF THE ROAD!!! Notice you have triple dislikes to likes? YOU are wrong. Idiot. Stay on the shoulder.
Google sucks cock
Popularity is not proportional to right.
Shawcross Shop & Homestead
your a prick
Dalibor Zak
Why these two mothercycling fakrs rode in the middle of the road? No wonder the driver of pickup was angry. Shame on you, cyclists!
The other day i saw a bike rider sharing my lane. As we approached a stop light he drove on the middle line to pass all the traffic and reach the front, then he became impatient and decided to use the crosswalk to go through the red light and nearly got hit by a car that had the right of way. So not to offend you bike riders, but if a bike is using the road as a car then car rules should apply to them also. 
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