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Published on Jun 13, 2012

The finished product of my latest mad scientist pet project! What started off as a mere concept soundtrack for climax of the Adventurers' Island story arc in Dino Attack: At War's End evolved into the actual story being retold through music and LEGO Digital Designer screenshots.

This covers posts #222-614 of Dino Attack: At War's End, or Act 1: Chapters 5-12.

For the [DEMO] version, I noted that the events of the Maelstrom Temple were not yet set in stone. Now that said events are set in said stone, I had a much clearer idea of where the soundtrack's direction would go. Then, what started off as a fifteen-minute mix, which was already pretty long, nearly doubled in length. And I thought that no one would want to sit around listening to thirty minutes of music and nothing else.

0:00 The Welcome
Dino Attack Team enters the Maelstrom Temple, since the Maelstrom is the cause of the Mutant Dino attack. Inside, they discover a statue of Imagination keeping the Maelstrom's power at bay.

2:45 For Science
However, Dino Attack Team also runs into XERRD, a group of rogue Paradox scientists who wish to exploit the Maelstrom's power. They do battle against the scientists and Senor Palomar, who was hired by XERRD. After Wallace Bishop, XERRD's leader, reveals that he is actually Frank Einstein, a Dino Attack scientist, in disguise, Michelle Glados and Carolyne Provencal take command of XERRD.

10:36 The Darkitect
At that moment, Lord Sam Sinister walks in with the Maelstrom Crystal, which contains a great amount of Maelstrom energy. Baron Typhonus appears in the Maelstrom vortex and tries to convince Sinister to hand it over, but he refuses. So, the Darkitect begins spawning Stromling Explorers to take the crystal by force. Dino Attack Team must keep the crystal out of the Darkitect's hands!

15:26 Worst Fears Realized
When Stromlings fail, the Darkitect starts creating illusions that project the worst fears of Dino Attack Team agents. Zachary Virchaus and Minerva Fabello confront Glados and Provencal while Dr. Cyborg leads the rest of XERRD away. Pterisa, a mysterious samurai warrior with lightning powers, manages to shatter his illusions by blasting him with lightning.

24:40 Penultimatum
The Darkitect strikes back at Pterisa and fatally wounds Frank Einstein, who convinces Kate Bishop to extract his Creative Spark and inject it into the statue of Imagination. The increased power of Imagination closes the Maelstrom vortex and banishes the Darkitect from the planet. The Maelstrom Temple is restored to its former state as a Temple of Creation.

And here's the source material to prove that nothing is mine:
"Spider Cave" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Strombie Combat" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Darkling Battle" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Property Music 1" by Nathan Madsen (LEGO Universe)
"Front End Variation 2" by Nathan Madsen (LEGO Universe)
"Fringe Main Title" by Various Artists (Fringe)
"Bombs for Throwing at You" by Mike Morasky (Portal 2)
"Castle von Tedistein" by Robin Beanland (Conker: Live & Reloaded)
"Omg, What Has He Done?" by Mike Morasky (Portal 2)
"The Death Of Sirius" by Nicholas Hooper (Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix)
"Ze Professor" by Robin Beanland (Conker: Live & Reloaded)
"Your Precious Moon" by Mike Morasky (Portal 2)
"Paradox" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Gorilla Combat And The Cave" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Why Can't I Be Goo?" by Various Artists (Fringe)
"Our Universe " by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Jungle Xpedition" by Andrew McKenna (LEGOLAND Deutschland)
"Hunter Down" by Kelly Bailey (Half-Life 2)
"I AM NOT A MORON!" by Mike Morasky (Portal 2)
"The Equation" by Various Artists (Fringe)
"Into The Rushes" by Nicholas Hooper (Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince)
"A Portalicious PORTAL 2 Symphonic Orchestra Medley" by KazeMixer
"Incident At Isla Nublar" by John Williams (Jurassic Park)
"A Powerful Darkness on the Horizon" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Marry Me" by Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean: Soundtrack Treasures Collection)
"Perfect Chaos Revival" by Jun Senoue (Sonic Generations)
"I See Dead People In Boats" by Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)
"The Mystery of Forbidden Valley" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)
"Avant Gardens Landing" by Brian Tyler (LEGO Universe)

Kate Bishop, Rotor, Garry Moffat, Palmer, and Trigger belong to Atton Rand. Carolyne Provencal, Oswald Fabello, Athena Fabello, Minerva Fabello, Holly Vinyaya, and Zachary Virchaus belong to Brikman McStudz. Dr. Cyborg belongs to avmatoran. Kotua and Chaos belongs to Kotua In Space. Andrew, Stranger's Mutant Lizard, and Laxus belong to Andrewnuva199. Hotwire, Katerina Schattenberg, and Helmie belong to Jackson Lake. Senor Palomar, Sam Sinister, Baron Typhonus, and the Infomaniac belong to The LEGO Group. "GREEN RED BRICK YOU STAY" belongs to jamesster.


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