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Mortal Kombat Walkthrough - Story Mode - Chapter 11 Kung Lao Part 1





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Uploaded on Apr 21, 2011

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Mortal Kombat is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In the chapter 11 of the story mode, the player controls Kung Lao, a Shaolin fighter friend of Liu Kang. Kung Lao will face Goro but will be killed by Shao Khan, but Liu Kang will take his revenge. This chapter represent the end of the storyline of the game Mortal Kombat 2.

Mortal Kombat Walkthrough - Story Mode - Kung Lao

1. Liu Kang and Kung Lao are sent to free Kitana. As they venture into Shao Khan's castle, Sheeva and Noob appear to stop them.
2. Noob is also a ninja so he is quite fast. Use Teleport to get behind your opponent but be careful as you are quite slow when you perform this move. Kung Lao has a basic punch combo quite efficient so use it. Do not stay to far away from Noob.
3. Goro arrives in the room where Liu Kang is fighting Sheeva. The four-armed monster challenges Kung Lao.
4. The previous fight against Goro was quite difficult but it seems much more easy now. Retreat and throw your hat at the same time. If you get cornered or want to escape an attack, use Teleport followed by a quick punch combo and an uppercut. Repeat the process until you win.
5. Goro informs that Kitana is being held in the Coloseum. Rayden sends Kung Lao to challenge Shang Tsung and Quan Chi for the tournament.
6. Two sorcerers in one fight. The distance is your enemy as your opponents will be glade to use whatever spells they want against you. Stay close to them and do not stop hitting them. Use Teleport for surprise and your X-Ray attack for big damage. Don't forget that the X-Ray move of Kung Lao has to be performed near the opponent.
7. Shang Tsung, defeated, calls Kintaro for a final fight against Kung Lao.
8. Like for Goro, retreat and throw your hat. When you can or want to escape, use Teleport and perform a quick punch combo before backing.
9. Cheered by the crowd, Kung Lao is finally killed by Shao Khan. Liu Kang wants his revenge.
10. A quite difficult fight if you do not know the right technique. I recomment using only the Bicycle Kick, always and always. Get some distance between Shao Khan and yourself and perform your special kick. Back up a little and continue. This should work fine. Protect when you are on the ground and keep your meter for an X-Ray attack. If you stay too far, your opponent will start throwing spears and hammers and that is really not good for you.
11. Shao Khan is defeated and Liu Kang kills him with his fist. The Earth realm is now free. Unfortunately, Shao Khan is still alive and Quan Chi has a plan to invade the Earth realm.

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