Its Called Love Chapter 9





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Published on Jan 2, 2010

Hello my love, my day has been great hope yours has to, lets comment and rate to make it the best!(:

Michaela’s Pov:

We have no where to go its 2 o’clock in the afternoon and im watching Anna run around with the ducks. I see a telephone poll and walk over to it, reach in my pocket and grab my last quarter, I slide it threw the slot , and dial a familiar number.

???: Hello?
Michaela: Nick, its me Michaela.
Nick: Oh hi, darling, how are you? Are you okay?
Michaela: Yes, im fine, but Nick, we are never going to see each other again. That’s a fact we both know, and I wanted to say goodbye, our final goodbye.
Nick: Michaela no! Tell me where you are we will come get you! You can stay with us! Please! I love you!
Michaela: (I can feel the lump in my throat now ) I love you Nicholas now, good bye

Nicks pov:

Beeeep beeeep, that’s all I here on the other line.

Nick: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! I cant lose her! Come back Michaela! Come back! (lets a few tears fall down his smooth face)
Joe: Hey bro are you okay?
Nick: No man im not, I just lost Michaela, she said it waas out final goodbye.
Joe: Awww, dude its going to be alright(a/n he knows about michaelas problems) shes strong. Im worried to but I know she can do it, don’t doubt her believe in her.
Nick: Thanks man, that’s deep coming from you.
Joe: Hey I have my moments.

(Skipping a head 1 year,)

Michaela’s story:

She made her way down to New Jersey, she makes her money by working on the streets. She hates it but there was no other way she could pay for her and Annas food. Anna stays at a cheep nursery so Michaela can “work”. Michaela is now 14 Anna is now 5, Michaela has enough money now to settle in a small one bedroom apartment, it’s a really nasty and trashy place not a good home for a family. But Anna needs a home and a bed to sleep in. So she bought it! Its hard to keep up with rent but they work it out, food sometime is a shortage, but Michaela keep up to date with it, everything is look better for them.

Nicks Story:

Was depressed for the first few months, he looks for her every time they go back to New York, he is now dating Miley Cyrus it keeps his mind off of Michaela. The band is now even bigger then before, there taking a brake and is going to see some family in New Jersey the boys cant wait! Nick is now 17.

Keep on reading im not done! Theres still lots to go!(: hope you like it, love it, comment it rate it!(:


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