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Publicado el 15 nov. 2007

I started violin at age 5 1/2 with the Suzuki Method. I really appreciated the emphasis on ear training and everyone-can-do-it foundational learning. I particularly enjoyed earning stars on my song chart and competing against others to see who could get the most stars the fastest.

I learned a lot about vibrato in college at BYU. My first teachers were Igor and Vesna Gruppman, a wonderful internationally acclaimed couple with a love of music and of their students. Vesna taught me a lot about pinky vibrato, and I remember many times going home with an overly sore pinky after doing exercises til I dropped. Great instruction from great teachers! Sadly, they left shortly after my first year there.

My final teacher at BYU, Monte Belknap, taught me how to hold my violin in a way that removed pressure on my neck, and I learned to vibrate (do vibrato) towards my body using gravity. This technique has stuck with me and is my preferred approach to vibrato at this point.

I hope this video gives you some things to try out on your own. Every body is different (everybody is different, but every "body" is also different!), so what works for me may need tweaking to suit your own personal needs.

Anyways, thanks for participating with me in our joint musical journey!

(My oldest daughter started at 5 1/2 with my first teacher and is entering her 3rd year now! Stay tuned for DotChanViolin someday!)

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