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Published on Mar 24, 2012

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People always wanna know the cost of living in the Philippines.

One of the real beauties of this country is you have a huge range. You can live any lifestyle you want here. However, I'm only gonna deal with the most important aspect of it, which is living on the ocean. either on the beach or within site of the ocean, you gotta be near water in this country.

Now, the bottom end of the range is right over here. You can live on this beach in a native hut for probably a $100 a month. You can probably eat, native style, for about 5000 pesos are month. So that's about $300.

Or, you can live in a place like this. Now this is top end, probably sells for about a million dollars. But you can rent it for about $2000 to $3000 / month. 'bout a 100,000 to 150,000 pesos. This is the other end of the scale. There are places like this in the Philippines. You can live a western lifestyle here if you want, and it's cheaper than home.

But here's something more middle of the road between those two extremes. This is something that I have available in Manila. To rent is $800 a month. And there's lots of places like this here. Your electricity is going to cost you, depending upon air con, maybe $100 a month.

You can eat, pretty good, two people, for another $200 a month. So a place like this, $1100 a month.

This place has a basketball court, volleyball, badminton, a pool on the roof. In the sun all day with a view of Manila Bay.

That's looking west into Manila Bay. Now we're looking north, and into Manila. Right there is the whole Malate entertainment district, which is restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and lots of fun.

Oh and did I mention, there's a pool on the roof!? There's nothing like sitting up here with a couple of ice cold beers, getting a tan and then cooling off in this lovely warm pool.

There's also a sauna, washrooms on the roof, only 11 stories up, and always a great sunset.

And of course, for ambitious people, there is an exercise room with another great view of Manila.

Beautiful view of Manila Bay, Bataan, Corregidor, the yacht club right there.

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, view of the Malate entertainment district. Veranda, that one facing north and this one again Manila Bay.

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As soon as you touch down in Manila airport, you've got endless opportunities in the Philippines. The best part is you probably didn't even need to fill out a visa application to get in!

You can live on a beach in the Philippines for almost nothing or you can throw a mansion party every weekend for a few thousand dollars per month. There's many ways to enjoy this island in the sun.

You can sleep in a beach house (or just sleep on the beach at night breathing the island air) for pennies while you play island music on a beat up guitar...

... or you can blow your life's savings and live it up for a year or two eating international food and partying with hot filipina girls.

Luckily, the cost of living in the Philippines is exactly how much you want to pay to continue enjoying the island breeze! (maybe you've got an island girl all to yourself? That's a good reason not to leave!)

We've got loads of scuba diving adventures in the Philippines, but of course if you want to partake you won't be able to live off of $200 per month.

Bring a little extra cash and a gopro hero, however, and you could film an awesome Philippines documentary of life underneath the waves. Philippines travel, especially for diving, is a real treat!

If you're new to scuba diving, come stop by Badladz and we can give you PADI certified scuba diving lessons and then bring you on a scuba diving adventure!

One of the best things about living in the Philippines is that the visa application is a virtually a 1-time deal. You don't need to keep flying in and out of Manila airport to stay long-term!

Visas allow most citizens to enjoy the Philippines beaches for 3 years without needing to cross the border. It's your own little island in the sun, except that unlike when you visit the Thailand beaches or Vietnam beaches, you don't need to get up and leave after 90 days to apply for a new visa application.

A quick trip to the visa office and you'll be back to enjoying the island breeze. As any international girl or guy knows, visa regulations can ruin a trip if they only offer short stays.


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