1. ProtoZOA-American Story (Prod. 123indaplacetobe)

  2. Felice Brothers-Tip Your Way

  3. Felice Brothers-Radio Song

  4. Felice Brothers-Helen Fry

  5. Felice Brothers-Whiskey in My Whiskey

  6. Felice Brothers Murder by Mistletoe

  7. Felice brothers-Ruby Mae

  8. Felice Brothers-Love Me Tenderly

  9. Felice Brothers-Saint Stephen's End

  10. Felice Brothers-Take This Bread

  11. Felice Brothers-Don't Wake the Scarecrow

  12. Felice Brothers Wonderful Life

  13. Felice Brothers-Goddamn You, Jim

  14. Felice Brothers-Frankie's Gun

  15. felice brothers greatest show on earth

  16. Felice Brothers-Little Ann

  17. Less Than Jake-TV/Ep

  18. Kottonmouth Kings Reefer Madness

  19. Kottonmouth Kings Mushrooms

  20. Kottonmouth Kings-Fuck The Police

  21. Johnny Richter Evolution

  22. Kottonmouth Kings Kill the Pain

  23. Johnny Richter- At it Again

  24. Kottonmouth Kings Great When Your High

  25. Johnny Richter-Go & Get 2

  26. Drive By Truckers-Days of Graduation

  27. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-A Slight Discomfort

  28. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-Our Whole Lives

  29. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-Barely Breathing

  30. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-Hurricane J

  31. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-We Can Get Together

  32. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-Rock Problems

  33. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-The Smidge

  34. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-The Weekenders

  35. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-Soft in the Center

  36. The Hold Steady-Heaven is Whenever-The Sweet Part of the City

  37. Tom Petty-Mojo-Lover's Touch

  38. Tom Petty-Mojo-Don't Pull Me Over

  39. Tom Petty-Mojo-Let Yourself Go

  40. Tom Petty-Mojo-I Should Have Known It

  41. Tom Petty-Mojo-Candy

  42. Tom Petty-Mojo-First Flash of Freedom

  43. Kottonmouth Kings- Everybody Move

  44. Kottonmouth Kings- Where I'm Going

  45. Kottonmouth Kings-Proud to be a stoner w lyrics