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Published on Sep 22, 2012

The key issue in this race is how to create a million jobs in the next 2 years.
I have asked Jill Stein if she supports a Feed-in tariff.

She does & can explain how it creates jobs.

It is the key policy Germany used to create 450,000 jobs in the last 2 years.

Last night I had dinner with Roseanne Barr, who is also running.

I asked Roseanne, in front of 200 people & 20 news cameras, "Roseanne, Do you support a Feed-in tariff to require PG&E to pay homeowners $0.54 kWh for feeding solar energy, they harvest, onto the grid?"
Roseanne said, "I will have to study the issue before I say Yes or No."
Clearly Stein is a brighter light of all 4 candidates.

Stein is the only one who understands & can articulate a coherent policy on how to create jobs.

Yes, 20 news video cameras captured Roseanne Barr not know what the Feed-in tariff is.
It really happened & the clip ran on ABC, CBS & NBC the next day.

Maybe she just got confused & didn't understand the term Feed-in tariff.
People who don't follow economics may not know the term.

Here are the key reasons to support a Feed-in Payment.
Participatory democracy. If we each have solar panels, we each can harvest solar energy & so each contribute to the common solution to global climate crisis & each get paid by PG&E $0.54 hour for feeding energy onto the grid.

2 - We each benefit equally from income from the grid operator PG&E. Speak Tue 2pm at the SF Bd of Supervisors 9-25-12.

3- Ecological wisdom. Enough sun falls on SF daily to power every home, street car, school & electric car today. We can do it locally. We do not need to give Shell Oil $20 M for 5 years = $100 M.

4- Harvesting solar locally prevents oil wars. Giving Shell $20 M will give $ to the war machine. Vote No on CCA. Oil companies can not become solar companies. Wolves do not become sheep.

5- Decentralization. If each building in SF has its own solar, we each get an equal share of energy for light. When the grid goes down, during a quake, we each still have light. Giving $ to Shell is the opposite. That is giving $ to the 1% to make more wars to steal oil. When the grid goes down, we are without light.

6- Community based economics. We recognize it is essential to create sustainable solar based economic system today, that creates local solar jobs for all, while maintaining a healthy world environment. Communities must create decentralized solar development that creates local jobs in SF, not give $100 M to Shell to create jobs in Nevada. We support local independently owned small solar utilities, family companies, not Shell or PG&E. Vote No on the CCA because CCA will cause a loss of 95 jobs, loss of $100 million, and leave us without power when the grid goes down.

7- Feminism. We want a society that gives more power & due process to women equally. The Feed-in Payback gives women equal power. #7 key value of the Greens.

8- Diversity promotes the respectful relationships between the many different groups who all benefit from harvesting solar, to make money from the grid, to create equality in income. PG&E should be paying everyone who has a solar panel in their apartment $0.54 hour for feeding energy onto the grid.

9- Personal & global responsibility. If each family has 30 panels, that improves their personal income & enhances world ecological balance. This allows each family to be paid by PG&E $3,000. a month, so there is no need to give $100 M to Shell oil.

Speak at the SF Bd. of Supervisors 2pm Tue.

Youtube: paul8kangas 368-8581

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