NEWS ALERT - Heidi Beirich Spreads Hate, Caught on Tape





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Published on Mar 16, 2010

http://RealityReport.TV | http://RestoreTheRepublic.com | Heidi Beirich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center was caught on tape cursing and slandering Gary Franchi and Alex Jones. She insinuated that Jones was responsible for the murder of three police officers in 2009. The recording was the result of two patriots responding to the recent "Rage on the Right" report released by the SPLC.


Renea (RTR): Im not doing anything.

Heidi (SPLC): Well, good. I mean good, please dont.

Renea: Im bringing you flowers, and Im passing out Constitutions. And Im asking

Heidi: but youre also reading like Info Wars

Renea: I bought this shirt from Info Wars.

Heidi: Yea but Info Wars is also a really twisted bad side

Renea: Well

Heidi: It is

Renea: Well, didnt Morris Dees call for Alex Jones assassination a few years ago?

Heidi: (laughing) That is ridiculous. This is the kind of bull shit Im telling you about. NO! But Alex Jones is a lunatic.

Renea: Sure he is, sure he is, but you know, I believe some of this stuff.

Heidi: And hes not The guy, the guy who shot the three cops in his front yard, Richard Poplowski in Pittsburgh, about April of 0-9. Do you know where he got the idea of hating the government from, who he listened to on a regular basis?

Renea: Alex Jones.

Heidi: Alex Jones.

Renea: Alex Jones didnt do that. Thats like saying that the video games makes the kids violent.

Heidi: Its a scary thing. Its a scary thing. Well, thank you for the flowers.

Renea: Well, thank you for meeting me.

Heidi: Enjoy your protest.

Renea: Thank you, Im going to be holding up some signs.

Heidi: (inaudible) How many people you think youre going to have?

Renea: Oh, it might just be four of us.

Heidi: Oh.

Renea: This is we are change.

Heidi: Ive seen these. See, this Fed thing is a whole-nother thing. (laughing)

Renea: I wish you would think about the Federal Reserve.

Heidi: I dont disagree with that. I wish you would rethink the conspiracy theories. (Laughter)

Renea: (inaudible) Thats Republic Magazine. Gary Franchi, Restore The Republic.

Heidi: Hes insane as well.

Renea: I love Gary, hes a personal friend of mine.

Heidi: the FEMA Camp stuff is nutty-butter.

Renea: You bet it is, you bet.

Heidi: It is not a joke. There are people saying they will not follow government directives because they believe they are going to get rounded up into camps. You watch, someone is going to get shot because of that.

Renea: Well, you know what, I hope

Heidi: And thats not cool.

Renea: Well, I hope nobody gets shot. We dont want anybody to get shot, but you know what? Look at the laws and the legislation out there.


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