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Published on Sep 18, 2011

Today is my 3 year anniversary on Youtube, seems fitting to upload my final video on this day doesn't it?

So yeah, i'm heading off to University next week and I won't be taking my Xbox, so I guess this'll be my last video. First off i'd like to thank all you guys for watching my videos over the last three years, I really do appreciate all the comments and general support you guys give me, it's overwhelming, seriously.

Who knows what'll happen in the future, maybe MW3 will be amazing and i'll want to record during the holidays, we'll just have to wait and see :)

The next section is for my closest friends i've made over the last 3 years on Xbox, feel free to read anyway.

Han 'splittin my fuckin feed' Notts
Han you've always been there for me, from helping sort out creep to cheering me up when i'm down, i've done my best (perhaps not very well :P) to repay you in the last couple weeks and will to continue to do so in the future. You're always there with your supportive comments on my videos and I appreciate every single one. Now you've passed your test, next time I come down you best drive me about the place! Oh yeah, you know I have a bad memory so forgive me on the whole 'forgetting we were friends for the whole of MW2 phase'? :D *Edit* I'm not fuckin Simon Cowell. Do one.

Lee 'don't kick me i'ma sniper' FTW
Lee boy! Remember the days of you joining session on WaW? I put 'LEEFTW' in my motto back in the day when Sully kept kicking you, who knew it'd end up like this, you with a channel fucking bigger than mine! But also one HELL of a friendship. I even had the pleasure of meeting you IRL, you're more of a legend than you even know. I have much repect for you bud, don't change at all.

Ming 'drinkin wine till 5am' WTF
Dale, what can I say? You're fucking nuts boyo. You are quite the legend on the mic and IRL, and after I get settled in Coventry, you'll have to come up and pull some of the English bitches like you said, also teach me the smile with your eyes thing, you phycological wiz kid! Anywho, keep doing this music tech shiz, you'll charm yourself to the top no doubt.

Keiran 'my name isn't fucking keiran' Moloney
Moloney man, you are one angry mother fucker at times! But we all love you for it so it's all good, you've always been there putting your supporting comments on my videos and I really do appreciate it, who knows, maybe we'll meet sometime in the future, if you haven't killed someone by then ofcourse ;) but yeah, keep loving those potatoes!

William 'with salsa or mayo' Sullivan
Been there since the start haven't you Sul, 'THE S N L P 3 R' was it? Getting WaW sniper lobbies faster than Grizz could himself! We've had a good laugh over the years and it'll suck to not hear your insanely loud voice on the mic in my videos again but hey, next time we have a chance to meet up, MAYBE YOU'LL FUCKING COME THIS TIME? nah i joke, but seriously.

Rob 'representing Ox with me' Webb
WITNEYYYY! seriously the most supportive person of my videos, you've always bigged up my videos and openly done it, i appreciate you do death for that. It seemed me and you were always one step ahead when it came to originality, well, atleast for MW2, killcams on the first day. But yeah, you're defo coming to Cov to have a few messy weekends, and i'll come to Witney when i'm home for Christmas. So yeah, keep what you're doing, your next tage is going to be INSANE i know for sure and i have total faith in you beasting MW3 too.

Mr 'hiipfiire I love your connection' Karmy
iG Fury was it?! Beasting around with that M16 with Reaper and inscript was it? Small fucking world, I guess the truth is i've known you for longest! But yeah you've always been a good lad and if i ever meet you IRL, please don't UFC me in the face, cheers.

Joe 'help me please' Halligalalligan
Joe, looting the streets of London since 1992. The funniest times on Xbox have involved you, no lie. When you used to rage it'd make me laugh so much I couldn't play, even thinking about it now makes me laugh. Raging so much that it's not even words that come out it's just mumbling! Crying with laughter numerous times. Haven't spoken to you much recently which sucks, we'll have to try change that.

Itzthatguy 'two can' dan + Minz 'ya dads a fuckin psycho' Con
Lads, getting straight to the point you guys are top class, MW2 were the good times with you two, Minz hittin that NUTS killcam on Terminal and Dan, that time you told me you pissed on the floor. Yup, I just said that. So yeah, stop smoking ya' cunts. Much love.

I've made so many other close friends on Xbox, I would write about you all but I doubt it'd all fit in here, people like Instincts, Grizz, Jazz, Crumple, Welshy Nick, Chukabi, Fuzzy, Sandy, Liamx, Weller, Danny, Parman and others.

So I think that's all I need to say, sorry for the essay but if you made it this far you're a fucking trooper, thanks for everything guys.

Soppy leaving description? Nailed it.


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