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Published on Mar 10, 2012

NEW VERISON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3v4QU...


Refer this video to anyone who believes the official 9/11 myth. Gladly upload it to your channel with a different title.

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Government official story sycophants need to ignore these: 1) To look at the corruption in government 2) Watch videos of the falling towers 3) Listen to dozens of witnesses claiming  explosions (some in the network media) 4) Watch how fast the buildings fell 5) Note the molten metal at the base of the towers. 6) Insider trading at Alex Brown. 7) Debunks of the NIST report.
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Patrick Ancona
Idk what happened but I've been in construction my whole life I'm also a volunteer fireman, I don't buy the official story for a second, why has there been NO small scale experiments to prove the governments story? If that's what happened it would be fairly easy to prove by scientific method, but that will never happen for it would disprove their lies, buildings do NOT fall straight down without prior weakening of the structure! just doesn't happen, what does happen is they catch on all the reinforcing structures then either stop or redirect their fall to which ever side has the least resistance, but what really pisses me off is how now days if anyone dare questions what happened your labeled (pick you favorite slanderous label and insert here) then minimized as a some kind of nut, these are really bad times were living in when honest questions can be dismissed out of hand and the population just accepts it as normal
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Public Access Zone
This was obvious the moments it happened to any normal thinking person, a controlled explosion clear as day
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The Vicious Chicken of Bristol
It amazes me that someone so stupid has the skills to upload video's...
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DEBUNKDED! Video was uploaded in 2012.
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so where is this evidence? people talking for 25 minutes isn't evidence.
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You're really not too bright are you Sunshine? Three perfect "fire driven" implosions in a day. Praise God! It's a miracle! Why do we pay all these millions to the demolition companies anyway? Just load a wrecking ball with jet fuel, toss it through the side the building and give it about an hour...PRESTO! Perfect implosion! It works every time! Just drive a truck over your head Sunshine. Trust me...it will be an improvement. Toodles Captain WMD.
Benito Camela
It's funny that the video title says: "Debunk this". If you already know it can be debunked, what is the fucking point? You know its false, and I know it also, so... we both agree!
marvin martin
all of the ideas in this video have been fully debunked several times. the thermite theory is absolute rubbish. thermite doesn't even work that well. the mythbusters couldn't even get it to cut through the body of a car. and the crap they show us in this very video did what? nothing but make loud noises. and what did they cut in this video? nothing. as for free fall. none of the three mentioned in this vid were at free fall, none imploded either. the towers fell mostly outwards and building 7 collapsed in the middle first then twenty minutes later the outside wall collapses. if you want proof watch myles power debunking all the ideas the truthers go on about
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Laughable video.
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