Episode 5 My HoA Story





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Published on Sep 10, 2012

This video was made with wevideo youtube
I don't own anything besides the story line!
I hope you like it!!
Amber Millington- Ana Mulvoy Ten- HouseofAnubisfan201
Nina Martin- Nathalia Ramos- XxAnubisLove4EverxX
Patricia Williamson - Jade Ramsey - Maria Mineiro
Jerome Clarke- Eugene Simon- ??
Alfie Lewis- Alex Sawyer- ??
Fabian Rutter- Brad Kavanagh- ??
Mick Campbell- Bobby Lockwood- ??
Joy Mercer- Klariza Clayton- ??
Mara Jaffray- Tasie Dhanraj- ??
Eddie Miller- Burkely Duffield- TysonRoar1311

( Dinner time)

Jerome- hey Eddie wanna make another bet?
Eddie- I am gonna win again! Kiss Patricia was to easy!
All but Jerome, Eddie and Patricia- WHAT??
Patricia- oh! Your gonna pay it! That was A BET?? SCREW YOU! (splits, juice water, and food on him, then slaps him, kicks his parts and punches his chest)
Eddie- aaauuttch!! Stop it!! I'm sorry ok!!!??
Patricia- too late!! (kicks him on the leg, punches his arm and bites him)
Nina- woa!! (pulls Patricia away from him)
Patricia- Nina stop it! ( tries not too but cries a little bit and runs upstairs )
Joy- (to Eddie ) IDIOT!
Eddie- I just-
Joy- shut up! Can't you see you did actually hurt her??
Eddie- I just kissed her!
Joy- Uuurgg! ( goes to Patricia )
Fabian- Nina can I have a word with you?
Nina -- sure...
(They got o Fabian's room)
Fabian- umm...a... well.. uuh... wa-wanna go on a d-date t-tomorrow?
Nina- sure! ( kisses his cheek)
Fabian- (sighs in relieve ) great! Umm... 7 pm? My room?
Nina- sure!

(With Joy and Patricia)
Patricia- (kicking the bedroom's wall )
Joy- (comes in) Hey... Are you ok?
Patricia- I (kicks ) am (kicks ) perfectly (kicks ) fine!
Joy- no, you are not! You can tell me you know? I know you liked him...
Patricia- He used me! I -- I can't say!
Joy- Trixie it was just A KISS...
Patricia- Joy it was my first kiss!
Joy- (gasps) really?? No it was not! Remember when you dated... OMG! I never knew...
Patricia- I know you didn't! I did not tell you...

(in the dining room again)

Amber- you're a geek Eddie!
Eddie- I have to clean myself (leaves with his head down)
Harry- (cries)
Amber- Alfie you go!
Alfie- fine... (goes to the living room where the robots are and shakes him saying ) don't cry... Aliens don't like people crying!
Harry- ( stops )
Trudy- Oh dears! (sees the floor covered with food) Patricia?
Amber- Exactly
Trudy- where are the others? I need to tell them something...
(Patricia and Joy come downstairs)
(Eddie comes from the other side of the room still embraced)
(Nina and Fabian come from the hall)
Trudy- We have rooms changes...
All-(sigh )
Trudy- Eddie and Patricia in his room, Fabian and Nina in Nina's room, Mara and Jerome in his room, Joy and Mick in her room, Amber and Alfie on the guests room until the end of this babies project
Trudy- sorry Patricia but-
Patricia- fine...

(That night)
(Amfie's room)
Amber- Alfie go to your bed and don't snore!
Alfie- ok ok!
Amber- great now shut up!

(With Jara)
Jerome- Hey Mara do you mind? I want to go to my room too! (outside of the room)
Mara- (inside ) Let me change Jerome!
Jerome- Why do you take 30 minutes to get changed?
Mara- ok, come in!
Jerome- Finally! Nice pj!
Mara- shut up (kisses him and goes to her bed )

(with Fabina)

Nina- (Feeding Sarah) (with like a doll baby bottle)
Fabian- Nina... (chuckles ) isn't today the 7th time you feed her?
Nina- (chuckles) maybe...
Fabian- So perhaps you could go to bed now?
Nina- yeah... your right my "husband" (giggles)
Fabian- come on... (goes to his bed )

(With Peddie )
( awkward silence )
Patricia- (starts kicking the wall again)
Eddie- Yacker stop it!
Patricia- shut it Weasel!
Eddie- fine! But I don't think Lexie likes to see her parents fight...
Patricia- Screwed you! It's A DOLL! I did not get pregnant so no! I am not the mum of that robobt! Urrg! I am sleeping anywhere else! (storms out of the room and goes to Moy's room)
Patricia- (knocks) Joy?
Joy- (opens the door ) hy... what's-?
Patricia- I don't wanna be in the same room with that Weasel thing... can I sleep here tonight?
Joy- yeah sure...
(Trixie ends up sleeping in the floor with a pillow and a blanket )
(5 a.m. )
Fred- (cries)
Joy- uurg! Mick!
Mick- (keeps snoring and does not move)
Joy- uurrrg!! (gets up and goes to Fred)
(5 am in Fabina's)

Sarah- (cries)
Fabina- I will go!
Fabian- we can both go...
Nina- (giggles) (takes Sarah )
Fabian- (warps his arms around her waist protectively )
Nina- (shakes Sarah ) sshhhhh... Mamma's here!
Sarah- (stops)
Nina- (turns to Fabian ) (leans in to kiss him) (stops) (gasps) Fabian look!!
Questions for the next one:
1)What scared Nina?
2) Will Peddie EVER make up?
3) Liked it?
4) Want more?

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