Miley Cyrus Admits She's Married To Liam Hemsworth In Cosmo Interview: ENTV





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Published on Jan 29, 2013

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Miley Cyrus admits she's already married to Liam Hemsworth in her interview with Cosmo Magazine (pics), One Direction star Zayn Malik cheats on his girlfriend and Kris Jenner ditches her wedding ring. Get the scoop!

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    Selena Gomez Is Taking Justin Bieber Back

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    Lea Michele Won't Watch The Cory Monteith Glee Tribute

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    Liam Hemsworth Reacts To Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live Episode

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    Kris Jenner's Talk Show Getting Cancelled

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    Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Wedding Plans Revealed

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    Miley Cyrus Twerks at the 2013 MTV VMAs

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    Miley Cyrus Drools Over Nick Jonas Shirtless Selfie

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    DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj on MTV!

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    Did Kate Middleton Already Give Birth?

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    Selena Gomez Tells Justin Bieber To Stop Being A Douchebag

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    Rihanna and Drake Are Hooking Up

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    Kanye West Turns Down $3 Million for North West Baby Pics

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    Fifty Shades of Grey Cast Revealed At Comic Con

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    Kim Kardashian Loves BREAST FEEDING North West

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    Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" All About Liam Hemsworth

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    Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" All About Liam Hemsworth

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    Chris Brown Disses Rihanna

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    Selena Gomez Says Yes To TOPLESS

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    Kanye West and Ray J Meeting At BET Awards

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    2 Chainz Robbed At Gunpoint

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    Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt Update

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    Kate Middleton Gets Scared About Giving Birth

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    The Wanted Want To FIGHT One Direction LOL

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    Taylor Swift Love Advice For Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart

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    First Look - Jay-Z and Drake Tease New Music Collaboration

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    Angelina Jolie Posing Naked For Playboy

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    Kanye West Gets PISSED When You Call Him Gay

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    Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder BREAKUP

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    Rihanna's Cure For The Breakup Blues

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    No More Sexy Time For Robert Pattinson?

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    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Reunite In Olso

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    Miley Cyrus Wants More Attention From Liam Hemsworth

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    The Real Reason Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Separated - ENTV

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    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite Live at Radio Disney Awards - ENTV

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    Kardashians Respond To Ray J's I Hit It First Song - ENTV

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    Kanye West Responds To Ray J's "I Hit It First" Single - ENTV

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    Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Wedding Is Back On - ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart's Margarita Girl's Night Out - ENTV

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    Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Paris Hotel After Fan Flashmob - ENTV

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    Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Wedding Almost Called Off - ENTV

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    Oscars 2013 Kristen Stewart : Crutches, Robert Pattinson And Worst Night Ever - ENTV

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    X Factor Season 3 : Victoria Beckham Replacing Britney Spears - ENTV

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    Demi Lovato's Epic Kristen Stewart Girl Crush and new "Heart Attack" Album Revealed - ENTV

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    Rihanna Gets Attacked By A Fan - ENTV

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    Taylor Swift Tries To Date The Lumineers, Ho Hey - ENTV

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    Justin Bieber's Ninja Valentine's Day Gift To Selena Gomez - ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart Doesn't Need Robert Pattinson To Have Fun and Epic Grammys Diss - ENTV

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    Zayn Malik Quitting One Direction - ENTV

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    Kanye West Threatens To Dump Pregnant Kim Kardashian - ENTV

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    Beyonce's Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction Analysis - ENTV

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    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Get Back Together! ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart's Love Special Letter To Robert Pattinson - ENTV

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    Robert Pattinson's Funny Arrest Moment At "The Rover" Movie: ENTV

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    Selena Gomez Teases Justin Bieber with New SPRING BREAKERS Music: ENTV

  111. Miley Cyrus Admits She's Married To Liam Hemsworth In Cosmo Interview: ENTV

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    Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Caught Hooking Up! ENTV

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    Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant: ENTV

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    Justin Bieber Gets Revenge on Selena Gomez with Mimi Jenson: ENTV

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    Selena Gomez' New Mystery Man Revealed: ENTV

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    Rihanna Gets Naked For New Complex Magazine Pictures: ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart Teases Future Jodie Foster Movie: ENTV

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    GOLDEN GLOBES After Party: Kristen Stewart Surprises Robert Pattinson w/ VIP Party - ENTV

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    Justin Timberlake's New Album Will Feature Beyonce and Jay-Z: ENTV

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Buy An Epic Mansion Together! ENTV

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Get Millions $$ For Baby Pics: ENTV

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    Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed?!

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    Taylor Swift's RIP OFF "Knew You Were Trouble" Music Video: ENTV

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    Harry Styles Happy Birthday Gift For Taylor Swift! ENTV

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    Rihanna And Chris Brown Party on Carpe Diem World Tour! ENTV

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    Holly Madison Says No More Naked Pics In Playboy: ENTV

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    Grammys 2013 Preview with Nominees Taylor Swift and Harry Styles: ENTV

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    Selena Gomez Teases Justin Bieber Wedding: ENTV

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    Kate Middleton and Prince William's Pregnancy Hospital Visit: ENTV

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    Robert Pattinson Loves Girls Gone Wild LOL: ENTV

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    Justin Biebers Tweets Love To Selena Gomez in 140 Chars or Less: ENTV

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    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' Romantic Snowflake Date Revealed: ENTV

  133. 135

    Kris Humphries Buys Ex Myla Sinanaj A Huge Boob Job! ENTV

  134. 136

    Chris Brown Takes Karrueche Tran On 'Carpe Diem' World Tour - ENTV

  135. 137

    Justin Bieber Tried To Propose To Selena Gomez: ENTV

  136. 138

    Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Getting Back Together! ENTV

  137. 139

    Robert Pattinson Talks About Overcoming Depression: ENTV

  138. 140

    Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Victoria's Secret Models: ENTV

  139. 141

    Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Breakup Rumors Heat Up: ENTV

  140. 142

    Kim Kardashian Tries To Meet Kate Middleton During UK Fashion Launch: ENTV

  141. 143

    Chris Brown Is Visiting Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour: ENTV

  142. 144

    Kim Kardashian Shows Off Giant New Diamond Ring! ENTV

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    Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown's Pregnancy Scare! ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart Talks About Falling In Love During Twilight Promotional Tour: ENTV

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    Kanye West Releases White Dress & Gets Pressured To Propose To Kim Kardashian: ENTV

  146. 148

    Harry Potter Gets Dumped! ENTV

  147. 149

    Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Pregnant! ENTV

  148. 150

    Robert Pattinson Flirts With Uma Thurman After Getting Back With Kristen Stewart: ENTV

  149. 151

    Adele Hides Out After 'Skyfall' To Get Ready For Her New Baby! ENTV

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    Robert Pattinson Seen Kissing Savannah Miller! ENTV

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    Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Breaking Up! ENTV

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    Robert Pattinson's 'Boys Night Out' Without Kristen Stewart! ENTV

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    Kristen Stewart Convinces Robert Pattinson She Didn't Have Sex With Rupert Sanders: ENTV

  154. 156

    Kim Kardashian Has Another Wardobe Malfunction At Midori Makeover Party! ENTV

  155. 157

    Robert Pattinson Tells Kristen Stewart Marry Me Or Else We're Done! ENTV

  156. 158

    Kim Kardashian Names Her Pussy Cat 'Mercy' After Kanye West Song: ENTV

  157. 159

    Justin Bieber & One Direction's Niall Horan Have A Man-Date: ENTV

  158. 160

    Kristen Stewart's Crazy Plan To Get Robert Pattison Back! ENTV

  159. 161

    Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Are Back Together! ENTV

  160. 162

    Rihanna & Chris Brown Get Back Together At The VMAs! ENTV

  161. 163

    Kanye West Two Chainz - Birthday Song Is About Kim Kardashian's Butt! ENTV

  162. 164

    Robert Pattinson Is Selling His House And Moving To London: ENTV

  163. 165

    Katy Perry Gets Dumped By John Mayer Via Email! ENTV

  164. 166

    Robert Pattinson Will Take Kristen Stewart Back: ENTV

  165. 167

    Kristen Stewart's Email Gets Hacked! ENTV

  166. 168

    Rihanna Tries To Cheer Robert Pattinson Up With Sexy Texts: ENTV

  167. 169

    Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Get Married: ENTV

  168. 170

    Jennifer Lawrence Disses Kristen Stewart For Cheating on Robert Pattinson: ENTV

  169. 171

    Chris Brown Is Upset About Rihanna's Oprah Interview: ENTV

  170. 172

    Kristen Stewart Gets Dropped From The Snow White Sequel: ENTV

  171. 173

    Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown With Oprah: ENTV

  172. 174

    Kristen Stewart Cheering Herself Up With The Shins After Robert Pattinson Leaves: ENTV

  173. 175

    Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross Get Psychological Counseling After Kristen Stewart Affair: ENTV

  174. 176

    Lady Gaga Teases Future Wedding With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney: ENTV

  175. 177

    Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian She's The "Perfect Bitch": ENTV

  176. 178

    Robert Pattinson Spotted For First Time Since Kristen Stewart Affair: ENTV

  177. 179

    Kristen Stewart Banned From Cosmopolis Premiere!

  178. 180

    Robert Pattinson Climbs Out Of Hiding For David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis: ENTV

  179. 181

    Robert Pattison Living At Reese Witherspoon's Home: ENTV

  180. 182

    Robert Pattinson Flees To London After Moving From Los Angeles Home: ENTV

  181. 183

    Rupert Sanders Wife Forgives Him For Kristen Stewart Affair: ENTV

  182. 184

    Rupert Sanders' Wife Liberty Ross Reaction To Kristen Stewart Affair: ENTV

  183. 185

    Kristen Stewart Apologizes To Rupert Sanders' Wife Liberty Ross: ENTV

  184. 186

    Jackson Family Fighting Over Michael's Money & Children: ENTV

  185. 187

    Kristen Stewart Goes Topless In "On The Road" Movie: ENTV

  186. 188

    Chris Brown & Rihanna Secret Vacation: Both Partying In San Tropez

  187. 189

    Robert Pattinson Makes Fun Of Himself At Comic Con

  188. 190

    Jersey Shore Cast Living Together: Ronnie & Sammi Move In Together

  189. 191

    Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Car Crash: Hit By Garbage Truck In NYC

  190. 192

    Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Australian Date-Night, Drinking Alcohol In Public

  191. 193

    Jennifer Lopez On TomKat Divorce: J Lo Defends Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

  192. 194

    Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler Leaving American Idol: J Lo "Today Show" Reveal, "It's Time To Leave"

  193. 195

    Tom Cruise Alleged Mind-Reader: Rolling Stone Interview Hints At Scientology Powers

  194. 196

    Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce: The Real Reason TomKat Settled So Quickly

  195. 197

    Tom Cruise Divorce Settlment: Seeking More Time With Suri Cruise

  196. 198

    Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Breakup Rumors: Working Out Relationship Problems

  197. 199

    Katie Holmes May Get Nothing: Tom Cruise Lawyers Trying To Freeze Out Katie With Prenup

  198. 200

    Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Already Married: Liam Mis-tells During Awards Speech

  199. 201

    Robert Pattinson Denied At Katy Perry Party: Kicked Off Party Bus At "Part Of Me" Premiere

  200. 202

    Katy Perry Positive "Boobs" Message: Having Boobs And Ruling The World Is Possible

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