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Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011

How to make Crochet Amigurumi Ball. Red Heart Yarn

1this is going to be a crochet ball
0:03what type of animals or creatures
0:05will you make out of your crochet ball
0:07i am using 4 ply yarn
0:09and a size H 5 millimeter crochet hook
0:12take the loose end
0:14wrap it over your main strand
0:15now you have a loop
0:16take the loop
0:17fold it over your main strand
0:20put your hook below the center strand
0:21back up the opposite side
0:23this creates the slip knot
0:26work a chain three

0:31join with the beginning chain
0:32putting your hook right through the first chain
0:35wrap the yarn over pull it through
0:37pull through the loop on your hook
0:39and that joins your chain into a ring
0:42work 9 single crochet through the loop

1:22we will sew the tail in a little bit later
1:26round two
1:27will be working two single crochet in each
1:30stitch around
1:32we will be working in the continual round
1:34and that is by putting your hook
1:35right below the two loops at the top of the stitch
1:39working the first single crochet
1:42we will work a second single crochet in the same stitch
1:46and this is the increase
1:48we will be working two single crochet
1:50in each stitch around
1:52for a total of eighteen

2:41this is what it looks like through round 2
2:43round three will the one single crochet
2:46in each stitch around for a total of 18
2:49we are working the continual round
2:52so this means we continue working single crochet
2:57thats stitch 2

3:47this is what we have with round three
3:49at this point you may want to attach a scrap piece of yarn
3:55and this is the yarn marker
3:57so you know where the beginning of the round is
4:00and i have just loosely attached it
4:01just like that
4:03we will be working on round four
4:05round four will have 24 single crochet
4:08the first two stitches will be individual stitches

5:23i attached my yarn marker to the last stitch
5:25and this is where i worked the increase
5:28and if you don't get it to line up perfect
5:30or the number of stitches are not perfect
5:32don't worry about it
5:34you can go on ahead and work an extra increase
5:36the project is still going to work
5:38even if your stitch count is off a little bit
5:42round 5 will be an individual stitch in three stitches

8:50now i'm back around to the beginning
8:52you can see there are slight points
8:54this is what happens when you don't stagger the stitches
8:57and sometimes i will stagger a little bit off
9:01it is not going to matter
9:02because once we contine on
9:04you won't notice the points
9:07round 7-12 will be one single crochet
9:09in each stitch around
9:11for a total of 36

9:25i have completed round 12
9:27round 13 will be a decrease round
9:31we will start off by
9:31working one single crochet in four stitches

10:13work a single crochet decrease
10:16put your hook below the two loops at the top of the stitch
10:19wrap the yarn over pull it through
10:21put your hook below the two loops at the top of the next stith
10:24wrap the yarn over pull it through
10:26there are three loops on your hook
10:27wrap the yarn over pull through all three loops
10:33work four individual stitches

11:16work a decrease
11:22work four individual stitches

13:16work a single crochet decrease
13:23work a single crochet in each of the next three stitches
13:34work a single crochet decrease
13:40work a single crochet in each of the next three stitches

14:46this completes round 14
14:49we have 24 single crochet
14:52this will be round 15
14:54work one single crochet in 2 stitches
15:00work a single crochet decrease
15:06there will be a total of 18 single crochet
15:09we have worked the first three stitches

16:06now the decrease which is 18
16:13at this point, i am going to take polyester fiberfill
16:16and stuff it in the ball

16:33anything will work
16:37round 16 will be 1 single crochet in each stitch around
16:41for a total of 18

17:58at this point
18:00i'm going to work a slip stitch
18:06skip one single crochet
18:08work a slip stitch in the next
18:11skip a single crochet

18:45work a slip stitch in the next
18:50i'm going to wrap the yarn over
18:52and pull up a long tail
18:56cut the yarn
18:58we will sew the rest of the opening shut
19:03i have threaded my needle
19:05and i'm going to weave it between this last round
19:11give it a tug slightly
19:13as we work our way around
19:42that looks pretty good
19:43so what i'm going to do
19:45is make a knot
19:54make a second knot
19:59now you can leave the tail on
20:01if you need to be sewing something else
20:02together to it
20:04or what i'm going to do
20:06is just sew it right on through the ball
20:09just like that
20:11and then cut off the yarn
20:13and that completes the ball



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