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Published on Sep 20, 2010

Here, I will tackle the RunRun Course, which is meant for beginners and is the first chapter (out of 3) in the story for Puyo Pop Fever. This one is 3 stages long, and I managed to fit the entire chapter into one video.

This game shows a lot of signs of the time period this game came from. It begins with a static background and text fading in, spoken by some random person. It describes some fantasy or science fiction backdrop and someone who's striving for the best. Basically, some really cheap stuff assembled together in an hour by some programmer using internal staffing to provide voices. The cutscenes don't even attempt to match the character sprites with their backgrounds, unless Amitie and the others are hovering above a gigantic classroom.

I was ready to identify voice actors, but then I realized they just pulled people off the street. Their performances are better than I had expected, as it seems they were all quite enthusiastic about their roles, but they're obviously not experienced in voice acting. Still, the voices definitely matched the characters, and the important part is that Amitie is cheery and energetic. (Accord talks painfully slowly though.)

The focus of this chapter is Amitie, a student at a magic academy. She dresses up like a Kingdom Hearts character and has a hat resembling a giant red Puyo. Her teacher, Ms. Accord, is lecturing about Fever Mode, or maybe tutoring Amitie one on one. And again, Accord sucks at explaining things, so I'll step in. She's even inconsistent in her spelling.

Puyos drop from the top of the screen. If you can get 4 or more Puyos of the same color next to each other, they disappear. If there are Puyos above them, they'll fall, and if that causes 4 or more Puyos to disappear, you've got a chain going. Whenever Puyos disappear, Nuisance Puyos appear on the top of the opponent's screen. If the opponent doesn't make Puyos disappear with the next falling set, then the Nuisance Puyos come falling down.

Now, Accord says something about "offsetting." Offsetting is when Nuisance Puyos wait at the top of your screen, and you DO manage to clear Puyos using your next set. This delays the Nuisance Puyos at the top, and you're given more regular Puyos instead of Nuisance Puyos. This keeps going until you don't clear any Puyos when a set lands, causing the Nuisance Puyos to pile up on your field.

Do you see that meter in the middle? Each time you do an offset, one of the circles turns yellow. When all 7 circles turn yellow, your playing field flips over and you go into Fever Mode. Here, your field is replaced with a bunch of Puyos that can easily form a long chain, but you have a time limit. Each time you clear Puyos, you're given another set at the end of the chain. Because these chains are so long, you can cause Nuisance Puyos to accumulate on your opponent's side and give them trouble. Typically, a well-played Fever Mode session will end the game for the opponent unless they enter Fever Mode too.

Deliberately going into Fever Mode is the easiest way to play the game, and this is the method I'll be using in the next 16 videos of Puyo Pop Fever, where I introduce each character. Not every character is designed for this style of play, but I wanted to show the Fever Mode sprites for each character and the things they say when they perform long chains.

Accord tells Amitie to go into Fever Mode in the first match, but quite obviously, this didn't happen. Since the AI is set to the absolute lowest difficulty, just waiting for the computer to match Puyos to give me something to offset would've taken ages. I go into Fever Mode at 6:13 in this video, on the second match though, if you want to see what it looks like.

After this, I'll be showcasing each character before proceeding to the WakuWaku Course, which is the second chapter.


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