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Published on Dec 23, 2011

Machines is a Real Time Strategy game made by Charydbis Limited and published by Acclaim Entertainment. It came out in 1999.

There is actually not so much I can tell about Machines as it basically plays like your average RTS game. But that doesn't mean it's bad. It may lacks in story but it is still a fun game.

Machines reminded me a bit of Total Annihilation because there are some things in common in those games. A feature that stands out from most of the RTS games out there might be the function to control a unit from a first person perspective. Similar to what you can do in Dungeon Keeper. This is a helpful function sometimes because if you control a fast unit like a reaper you can try to outsmart slow units like the Gorilla (Some kind of super unit) you just have to run around him in circles and he probably never hits you.

There are also a lot of buildings and units you can build. Most of the machines are just different versions of the units you could build before but everything has it's pros and cons.
For Example:

Reaper with minigun = High damage but short range
Reaper with plasma = Low damage but long range
Grunt with bolter = Low damage and short range
Grunt with flamethrower = Mid damage and penetrates shield but very short range

something like that.

One thing I noticed while playing was that you don't need any kind of power supply in this game so no need to build a power plant or something like that. But you still have to gather resources. This is done a bit different then in other games because before you can even build a mine of some sort you have to search and find a resource deposit at first. This is done by building a locator unit which will scan the surrounding and will mark the location where he found something. After that you do what you always do, build a mine and let the transporters do the rest ;)

As this is a 3D RTS the environment also can play a role so if you hide units in a crater for example you cant be hit from outside the crater but also can't attack the enemy. This is somewhat important know to especially for base defenses because the defense turrets are pretty small and if there is just a little hill in front of it then it can probably not attack the enemy until they have come closer and are in sight.

One thing that can be annoying sometimes is that most units are very...well let's say clumsy or sluggish and that makes it hard to attack with big groups. Also often in 3D RTS games there is the small problem with units that block each other. And in Machines it is no different, so if you have a big group of clumsy units it can probably happen that they somehow get stuck in each other and can only proceed very slowly. That is also the main reason why I use long range units most of the time. Even if they get stuck they can atleast shoot the enemy from where they are. ^^

Also if someone has problems playing the game today (I did atleast) take a look here:


Here you should find every info you need (I hope ^^ )


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