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Published on Aug 18, 2012

MP3 on iTunes: http://bit.ly/OpYIbs (it's on Amazon etc too)
Games are piss-easy these days. Grow a spine and boycott the save function. Go to http://www.ironmanmode.com for extraordinary tales of courage and digital Darwinism in a saveless world.

Lyrics and vocals: Dan Bull
Instrumental: Pro P

Dan Bull's YouTube: http://youtube.com/douglby
Dan Bull's Facebook: http://fb.com/itsDanBull
Dan Bull's Twitter: http://twitter.com/itsDanBull
Dan Bull's G+: http://goo.gl/b8N35

Dan Bull now has two YouTube channels - subscribe to both:
Dan's music channel: http://youtube.com/douglby
Dan's gameplay channel: http://youtube.com/DanBullGames


DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of Zeke Iddon as an advertisement for the Iron Man Mode web project.

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Comments • 2,901

lol, if you had a ps2 and no memory card, you always played iron man mode
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Steve Zero
yeah it's complete bullshit, memory cards were only like $20, there was no reason we didn't get any as kids.
Enes Çağrı Bayraktutan
its meeeeee
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The Kung Fu Kid
"If there is no risk, there is no reward."                                            Powerful stuff there.
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Jan Sadowski
The Kung Fu Kid Sounds like Conseratives text
+Jaxx on i am the fucking ocean right now
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Ricardo Rodriguez
"put your balls in the air if you're with me"- Dan Bull 2012
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+Ricardo Rodriguez 1:52
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Diamond man mode is when after every death you smah your console.
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charles grimmer
Jonathalon I actually laughed out loud when I read this comment. thanks
Jerek Smith
I have a new mode life link mode never say gameplay never reload becuase there's no option and once you die welp you die and your soul is stuck in the game mode never to see the light of day and your pc xbox phone tablet ps4 and any and all other electronics simultaneously explode.
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played dishonored hardcore challange in Iron Man Mode died in 30 minutes. 10/10  would die again -IGN
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+sonic meerkat Impossible Game is already Iron Man mode.
Veny Len
+sonic meerkat Teh Speedrunners Did It. THEY DID IT MANH
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I'd do Iron Man mode AFTER I do the game with saving, cause the first time would be when I play it for the story and don't wanna re-do the whole game and stuff because I need to keep track of where I am in the story.
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Brian Dougherty
+Pokesquirtle7 than just write it down
+PossibleTango There something called a covenant of champions for dark souls 2 which decreases your damage against enemies. As well as new game + which adds enemies and enemy hp. There are tonnes of people who have done it. Lobos jnr is a well known speed-runner/challenge runner who does it. I currently have a lvl 220 character on new game +3 so it really isn't hard. I can even post pics if you want :D
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Enigmatic Anims
"Put your balls in the air if your with me!" Me: Emm I would if I was like a double jointed yoga master with ballsack muscles or something... 0.0
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Enigmatic Anims
+Premixed ;-;
+Kayzz Animations I don't even know
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Well play dark souls for an iron man mode x3
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Minesweeper.... Drops Mic
Timur Dos ya and Tetris makes contra look like a breeze.
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Gentlemanly Jerk
How does it look better in 240p?
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Ash Vivayo
wow lol, thanks for that
Dum dum 1 year active
Holy shit lol
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Kobus Stander
Ultimate iron man mode. Destroy the disc when you die...
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+SlyTF1 I got so angry on my King Kong game i destroyed the disk. But well, i didn't loose in it. The game started to bore me, so the next day i got cheats for it and started it up... Guess what. My console wouldn't read the disk. And i didn't even take it out of the console. Great....
I do that sometimes. I literally hate losing so much that I get pissed at the game, take it out of my system, and throw the motherfucker against the nearest wall. I don't fucking like to lose. 
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