History of Video Games: The Rap





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Published on Oct 26, 2010

A rap about the history of video games, from Atari to Wii.

Back in the day, there were no video games,
Old peoples' childhoods musta been lame,
Nothin to play? no, there was nothin to do,
Until Atari came around in 1972,
Pong became a hit in towns from south to north,
Two paddles with a dot bouncin back and forth,
And Pac-Man ran, from coast to coast,
A yellow face, bein chased by outer space ghosts,

In 1985, that's 13 years later,
Nintendo rocked a console with a destiny greater,
Only 8-bits, but success was fated,
Cause of Mario an italiano plumber they created,
And if you point your gun at your tv up front,
You could shoot birds for fun when they flea in Duck Hunt

Sega stepped up big and doubled the bits,
A new king in town, wore the crown, Genesis,
A system so advanced, Sega gained the edge dawg,
Meet the fast footed blue Sonic the Hedgehog
The sparkplug for fighting games turn to fire,
Mortal Kombat was a hit, uppercut like Street Fighter,

Nintendo's turn to step up the name of their brand,
Took it to the next level with a game in your hand,
Game boy in your palm? Nintendo stole the crown,
Tetris was the bomb, moving boxes falling down,

And now that a handheld game came here
Sega rocked a color screen by the name game gear,

Nintendo fightin' back with the strength of King Koopa,
Puttin' out a sequel but this time around theyd make it SUPER,
Super NES climbed the top of the chart,
Watch out! banana peels, racin' Mario Kart,
But you wanna get bananas if you follow along,
Get as many as you can when you playin' Donkey Kong,

Three years later, Sega needed a hit,
Release Sega Saturn, fresh 32-bit,
A double in the graphics, you'd think we'd applaud it,
But trouble in the traffic, cause like nobody bought it

But now that 32bits was the new sensation,
Sony came into the game with the true PlayStation,
The illest creation across the whole nation,
First controller for a system let you feel the vibration,
Crash Bandicoot ran and jumped around a lot
Final Fantasy's not forgot, Tomb Raider's Lara Croft was hot!

The year? '97, and Nintendo's back for more,
Twice the bits as before with Nintendo 64,
The newer graphics of their games were lookin much cleana,
Golden eye was stockin' guns while Zelda rocked an ocarina

What's Sony to do? Put out somethin new,
And in same year debut to you Playstation 2,
Play Guitar hero, feelin like a star,
Even knowin' zero bout strummin' guitar,
Madden you're the coach, time to run 'n pass,
I Got the need for speed, hit the gas gunnin' fast,

That's when Sega decided that it was time to return,
'Cause Fading out of the game world's their main concern,
Sega Saturn was a bust, gotta redeem fast
But another failed system; Sega Dreamcast,

Nintendo's next thing to take the boob toob,
Was 2001, the release of Gamecube
Not as much success as Nintendo's few others,
But it sold a few million cause of Super Smash Brothers,

Now that Sega fell off it was a time for transition,
That's the time when Microsoft came to be in competition,
X-box landed them the top position,
Playin' Halo's top ambition? carry lots of ammunition,

Three years later, games look like real life,
Xbox360 graphics sharp as a knife,
A new level of 3D for the nation to see,
Complete the Sony trilogy, and out came PlayStation 3,
In Nintendo's latest system that they call Wii,
You play the game like your actually in the TV,
With a wireless remote that detects ya' motion,
There's no wonder its invention caused the next commotion,
Serve up an Ace, bowl a perfect strike,
Smile on my face cause Wii sports what i like

From Atari to Wii, we've come along way,
The great progression from what we had back in the day,
The path has been made, and as it unfolds,
Time will tell the future systems that the gaming world holds.


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